Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!

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This Verizon FiOS promotional offer has ended but was replaced with a promotion for a $200 American Express gift card with activation.

Verizon Triple Play Promotion: Free 19-Inch Sharp LCD HDTVEver sign up for something only to find a hot coupon or promotion after you’ve completed the process? As you may remember, I had Verizon service installed yesterday and today I discovered that they have a Verizon Triple Play promotion where they will give you a free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV if you sign up for digital cable television, high speed internet, and phone service. I recently only got the Double Play package, which is the Triple Play minus telephone service, but I did not score a free television. šŸ™

The promotion is pretty good if you’re looking for all three services and it’s lukewarm if you’re looking for only two of those services (though the Double Play promotion includes a digital camcorder instead of the TV). Since I didn’t need phone service, it wasn’t cost effective for me to sign up for telephone just to get the free TV. Telephone service would’ve run approximately $15 a month extra for two years. That’s an additional total cost of $360, a mere $20 less than the retail price of the Sharp LCD on Amazon. Plus, I wasn’t in the market for a new TV anyway… so it’s a loss only in the sense that it would’ve been nice to get a free TV.

So the promo is hot for anyone looking to switch and needs all three, I hope someone can take advantage of this. Even if it wasn’t perfect for me, you always feel dumb for finding out a deal after you’ve bought something… luckily this time it wasn’t that bad.

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66 Responses to “Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!”

  1. Christine Broderick says:

    I did sign up for Triple Play in the qualifying timeframe, qualifying service level commitment and stayed with the plan for the required time, however, I never received a TV. After months of speaking with supervisors Verizon has chosen to renege on itā€™s free HD TV promo offer. It turns out that I never received a mailing that required my response. At no time during my numerous calls to customer service did anyone state that they were awaiting a response from me or that there was a response deadline in play. It was never relayed to me that I could go to a website and respond nor was an offer made to ensure my receipt of the mailing via email or fax. I was repeatedly told that something would arrive in the mail in 3-4 weeks. Verizon’s final offer (got up to the exec level) is to receive a credit of $35 for the next 6 months or nothing, even though I’ve already waited 6 months. The final amount of credits totaling $210 will not enable me to go and purchase a similar flat screen, HD TV that other customers supposedly received.

    • John says:

      I’m in! I was scammed too and didn’t pay and they put it on my credit. I am looking to a class action suit attorney cureently!

      • majcaquechan says:

        I was scammed by Charter for the a promo somewhat the same, I was supposed to receive a $250.00 gift card! Never happened and after months on the phone with everyone agent there, I FINALLY got a supervisor who simply gave me credit of $200.00. I had signed up with Charter in October hoping to get the gift card by Christmas to give to one of my kids for Christmas and didn’t even get the credit till April of 2011. They are all a bunch of scammers and just like living in communistic countries, we have NO CHOICE but to pay to get to the outside world…….Its all a bunch of crap! And they say America is a FREE nation……Sure could fool me sometimes…..

  2. B Scott says:

    Verizon offered a free LCD flat screen TV promotion for signing up for their triple play offer that included internet service, fios television and phone service. I ordered the triple play and the offer said it could take up to 10 weeks to receive the promo tv. After 10 weeks I called Verizon asking why my TV had not been shipped. The verizon customer service rep said that I did place my order within the time to receive the promotional offer but that they had no record of me notifying them that I wanted the tv that was required after I had the service installed. ( I did notify them according to their procedure, but they said they had no record of it) I told them I did want the tv and they said I would have to wait another 10 weeks to have it shipped to me. I asked that they do something to ship it to me sooner but they said there was nothing they could do to change their procedure.

    After 10 more weeks I still had not received the tv as promised. I called the customer service again and they said that I should have had the tv shipped to me and they did not know why they had failed to send it to me. The verizon rep said he would call me back after he investigated the situation further. 2 hours later he called me back and said I did not have the service installed within the time period required to qualify for the promotional offer. After picking my jaw up from the floor I told the verizon rep that I had no control over when it could be installed because they actually scheduled and did the installation!!!! I then asked him where was this information that said the installation had to be completed by a certain date? (ok, everybody get ready for this) He replied ” it was in the fine print”. When I asked why would you do that he replied “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have that information. I asked for a supervisor to have my tv sent as they promised and they refused. I am disgusted with they way I have been treated by this company after having paid them thousands of dollars over the years for their mobile and home phone service. My advice to everyone considering any promotional offer with them is don’t trust them. All they care about is getting your money no matter what it takes even if it means deceiving you in the process.

  3. Rockey says:

    Verizon is one of the worst customer service
    in the world. It took 20 phone calls. They promise low rates and then bill you a higher rate. Lousy people and worst people on thw phone

  4. Simon says:

    If enough people can be contacted who are in the same situation (and there sure seems to be plenty) perhaps a class action law suit could be initiated . Large corporations should not be held unaccountable for misrepresentation,and false advertising. I did everything by the book,well within the stated time periods, and like so many others, have received the runaround. This Feb will be one year, and no TV ! If I treated my customers this way, I would be out of business in a few short months!

  5. dan says:

    thanks for the info i was thinking about signing up for plan .but now nooooooooooooooway

    • adams01220 says:

      These guys scammed me twice waited 8 to 10 for the promo offer never recieved it called question why and I told them I read there fine print also and followed the inst. asked where is it they checked said it was shipped and should be reiving it anytime asked there name just gave me an ID number with a first name didnt trust her asked to speak to superv. aske them same question was to told tvs were all on back order. I called discover card inform them of the scam they inreturen was able to recover a partial amount back 560. and was allowed to bow out of agreement. inform them I will be bring a cival siut against there local office and and they agreed to a knew deal with a real nice discount on my pk. for two yrs.

  6. Al says:

    PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON. I signed up with Verizon back in December 08 because I thought Comcast kept raising fees without any notice (which they do) but BOY this verizon is terribleee.

    First of all I have spent at least 4 hours every month to talk to so many people to simply get the promotion (you have to fight to get credits that they promised you). After almost 5 months I still can’t get the prie I was promised. You got nothing else to do except sit ans argue with bunch of ignorant people GET VERIZON.

    Second…Their TV channel line up sucks. Trust me go with people who know TV better (that would be Comcast–I hate myslef to promote them). You won’t get half the sport channels in HD because you have to pay additional $6/month for that. You won’t even get NFL highlights of the week (comcast does it–real sweet).

    Their FIOS Internet service is good I have to admit and that was the other reason I switched but take my advise…don’t get TV or telephone from them. I get a phone bill charging me $7/min to international destinations while I was not even in the country…Go figure that. I’m now stuck with $600 bill and an address in DC to write and complain.

    I swear I’m not getting paid to do this. I just know you will hate becoming a Verizon. Their customer service sucks and you will be on the phone for hours being transfered from one department to another talking to some ignorant people.

    Being a network Engineer, take my advise; get TV from Comcast, Internet (fios if available in your neigbourhood) from Verizon and Use Vonage (you can get it for $9.99/month if you puch them)giving you unlimted calling in US, CANADA and several countries in Europe, and you can take their modem anywhere in the world, connect to highspeed internet and you have a phone line as if you were in your own home.

    Don’t get fooled by this promotion crap from either Verizon or Comcast. Long live educated consumer.

  7. Anonymous says:


    I learned alot the past few months about cable companies. To sum it all up, Verizon sucks, and I will never use their service again, and customer service departments are worthless.

    I switched to Verizon because they promised a lower monthly fee than my original service provider. A note to the wise…Before you switch cable companies, call the billing department of your current provider and tell them you want to cancel the service and they immediately lower the price to get you to stay. I talked to the service department and they told me they couldnā€™t lower the price, and that I should switch cable companies. (I was in shock) But when I talked to billing / disconnect department, they gave me a better deal. You have to have the right person on the phone to get the right information.

    So I switched to Verizon, a very costly mistake. We don’t have Fios in our area so we had to get direct TV. In my opinion, Verizon teaming up with Direct TV was an ingenious scam on their part.

    As soon as you order Verizon, Direct TV comes out to install the dish. Once the dish is installed you can’t cancel the Direct TV service for 2 years. If you do, it costs you ~$20 per month for every month left in the 2 year contract. If you just got the service you have 2 years left (24 months x $20 / month = $480). I found that out the hard way as it was never really explained to me.

    Verizon loves being with Direct TV because most customers won’t break the contract because of the penalty. I ended up getting such a good deal to go back to my original service provider that it was a wash. This was in part because Verizon doesnā€™t tell you the actual price (with the additional $25 in taxes that they add on every month).

    But Verizon has a 30 day money back guarantee…or so they told me. Another note…Customer service will tell you alot of things that the billing department does not agree with. Be aware.

    We got the direct TV right away, but it took a month to get the phone and internet service installed. Not sure why. I called to verify that the 30 day money back guarantee didnā€™t start until all services were active. This was confirmed (on a recorded conversation) by the customer service department.

    Ok, got my bases covered, right? WRONG. We ended up canceling the service 20 days after it started. We were still getting billed though. We called to dispute the charges since we cancelled within 30 days. First they told us there was no 30 day money back guarantee.

    Then we called again, and they said that their policy is that if you had services, they need to charge you for them. I said, we had a 30 day money back guarantee. Then they went another routeā€¦

    They looked at the account and saw that we complained about the internet service (before we cancelled). So they said they could eliminate the charge for the internet, since we complained about it, but since we didnā€™t complain about the phone, they have to charge us for it.

    I said that we bought the service as a package, how are you now going to delineate services??? They said it was their policy. I told them they need to get their customer service on the same page as the billing department so that the customers understand the terms of serviceā€¦they hung up on me.

    So in the end, I am stuck with a $70 bill for less than a month of telephone serviceā€¦incredible!! How does a telephone line for less than a month cost $70??? The triple play was only supposed to be $80 per month.
    There seems to be nothing that I can do since they already contacted a bill collector and sent me a notice. So my credit rating will be affected. I have never missed paying a bill, ever and now because of Verizon, and their unreal charges, my credit score will probably be affected.

  8. EXVerizoner says:


    To put it simply, VERIZON/FIOS SUCKS!
    I had service with them for 3 LONG years – within the 3 years, they’ve issued me 8 (EIGHT) different billing accounts. Each month, they would redirect my payment to a different acct – causing my bill to show that I did not make a payment for that particular month. Then when I called in to complain, they realized that the payment went to a wrong acct. The rep told me to continue making payments as usual and everything would be ok. Well, as it turned out, it took them 4 months to fix the error – by then, they have continued to send the current payments to the wrong acct and then turned around suspended my service for “non payment” on the existing acct!
    But the worst part was that once they corrected THEIR ERROR, they refused to waive the late charges as well as the “reconnection/activation” fee on my acct. After three months, it all started all over again, misdirect payments, late charges, reconnection charges etc…. I decided to to cancel my service.
    Well, imagine my surprise when the final bill showed an EARLY TERMINATION charge on my acct!!! Again, I called and complained and asked that it’d be waived. According to the rep., everytime they had to “reconnect” my service, it LOCKED me in a BRAND NEW 2-year agreement with Verizon!!!
    I tried to fight them with repeated phone calls and letters but it was worthless! They refused to budge and insisted I pay the fee.
    I returned their equipments as requested, yet my account was never credited.Instead of crediting my account and issuing me a refund on the extra equiptment I rented, they ended up sending my bill to collections!
    It took them 6 months to finally track my “equiptment return” and another 3 months to show that I had a zero balance in their book!
    I STRONGLY urge anyone who’s contemplating doing business with these crooks, to save yourself a headache and lots of money and AVOID VERIZON at ALL cost!!! I don’t care how good their promotion sounds!

  9. yassmin ocampo says:

    I have had the worse experience with verizon. They first signed me up with DirecTv without informing me that DirecTv was a third party. I was also never informed that I had to sign up for a rebate to get the “special” price from DirectTv. I am no stuck with a contract with Verizon and another with DirectTv, both which I cannot cancel. WORSE customer service. Verizon has hunged up on me sooo many times, very fustrating.

  10. TSPORT says:

    I just received my Triple Play bill today. I signed up for service to begin August 1st, 2010. This is my 4th bill and this is the 4th time it has been wrong. Like so many others, I am still trying to get Verizon to bill me for what I signed up for. Customer service is the pits. I have spent in excess of 6 hours on the phone with them to try and resolve. One supervisor promised me he would call back on a certain date and of course never did. When I called back and got a different supervisor, I asked why would a supervisor promise to call me and then not doit? They said (and I quote): ” Just because we tell someone we will call them back doesn’t mean we will”. Unbelievable!
    Latest attempt to fix my bill: Told me they would issue $20 credit for 24 momths (price I signed up for was supposed to be 2 years). Got my bill the other day, says $20 bill credit for 12 months. Here we go again! Beware!

  11. Carol M says:

    Looks like Frontier sucks. I was going to switch from Comcast, but not now.

  12. ace says:

    Verizon is the worst I switched they no charge 30 day trial
    I canceled in 1 week they want to charge $140.00 for that
    time stay away

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