Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!

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This Verizon FiOS promotional offer has ended but was replaced with a promotion for a $200 American Express gift card with activation.

Verizon Triple Play Promotion: Free 19-Inch Sharp LCD HDTVEver sign up for something only to find a hot coupon or promotion after you’ve completed the process? As you may remember, I had Verizon service installed yesterday and today I discovered that they have a Verizon Triple Play promotion where they will give you a free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV if you sign up for digital cable television, high speed internet, and phone service. I recently only got the Double Play package, which is the Triple Play minus telephone service, but I did not score a free television. 🙁

The promotion is pretty good if you’re looking for all three services and it’s lukewarm if you’re looking for only two of those services (though the Double Play promotion includes a digital camcorder instead of the TV). Since I didn’t need phone service, it wasn’t cost effective for me to sign up for telephone just to get the free TV. Telephone service would’ve run approximately $15 a month extra for two years. That’s an additional total cost of $360, a mere $20 less than the retail price of the Sharp LCD on Amazon. Plus, I wasn’t in the market for a new TV anyway… so it’s a loss only in the sense that it would’ve been nice to get a free TV.

So the promo is hot for anyone looking to switch and needs all three, I hope someone can take advantage of this. Even if it wasn’t perfect for me, you always feel dumb for finding out a deal after you’ve bought something… luckily this time it wasn’t that bad.

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66 Responses to “Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!”

  1. MoneyNing says:

    Getting these triple play service is ULTRA expensive. I wish everyone would just slow down their spending!!!!! Save save save!

  2. jim says:

    Driving a car is ultra expensive, eating out is ultra expensive, something is always ultra expensive… if you’re going to get these services, bundling beats buying them a la carte & getting a free tv out of it is certainly a great promotion.

    Sure, the prudent thing is to save everything but that’s now what life is about, it’s about balance.

  3. rfed says:

    Yo, Skip the promotional from verizon,

    I stoped at a koisk booths at the local mall, I saw the promotion fro the triple freedom and a lcd HDTV for **109.oo a month,

    I have comcast triple and paying 114 a month.
    so I begin to sign up, then the person starts tabbing everything up,,, and its 121 a month, not including the 19.95 one time fee… oh not including taxes.
    so the 1st month is 140.

    oh, and to use a 2nd t.v with all the cable stations, i will need another box to get anything in the bedroom- so i did not get the 2nd

    currently, I have comcast. the t.v in the bedroom gets all the cable stations except the on-demand stuff that i need teh comcast box.
    i went back to them and said i changed my mind..
    i was told sorry they can’t do that.
    I have to await for the confrimation email from verizon and i need to call a 888 number.
    I did not get a print-up of anything either.
    but niether did i give them any money or credit card number

    i should report them . verizon. for false misleading advertising


  4. Unhappy With Verizon says:

    I have been a Verizon subscriber (phone, internet) for a number of years. We chose to add the Verizon bundle in July which includes our phone, internet, and FIOS TV along with HBO and Showtime. Our bills are so confusing it is hard to know what I am paying for. I seem to be paying considerably more than what I bargained for and what they advertised. I am seriously considering quitting verizon and going back to Comcast (had them years ago!) It will be cheaper and easier that way. No thanks Verizon! YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST!!!!!

  5. MD says:

    I had Cablevision … looking at the offer I signed up for Virozon Triple package. they setup a time – I took off from work – nobody turns up – no calls, nothing. I call them and setup another day – take a day off – again nobody turns up – no calls.

    Very bad customer service – nobody even apologizes. Finally I’ve had enough of Verizon – cancel the whole order.

    am very happy with cable vision – they give a very good discount DVR and HBO free – my monthly bill is $105.00 !!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve had Cablevision for 2 years….they still can’t fix my phone line, my tv pixelates, and my internet cuts in and out….above all the customer service is the WORST ever! I have had any number of techs sit in my living room, watch tv for an hour or better and watch the tv pixelate and then say it didn’t go long enough to get a reading, sorry can’t help you. Same with the phone. I am looking at verizon as we speak.

  6. jim says:

    MD: I’ve heard the same thing from a lot of people about how Verizon is terrible at keeping appointments.

  7. Spookymonster says:

    Signed up for Triple play in August, 2007. My discounted bill was supposed to be about $140, however I kept being charged at the undiscounted rate ($177). Contacted them in November, 2007 and was told that I would receive a retroactive credit for $128, and my bill would reflect the discounted rate going forward. Just contacted them again today (February 01, 2008), and they say my phone service was never changed over, so I was ineligible for the discount. I asked why it wasn’t changed when I specifically asked for the TRIPLE PLAY bundle, not just Fios TV and internet. No answer. They have changed my phone service to an eligible plan and my bill going forward should reflect the discount (supposedly). No supervisors were available to discuss a retroactive credit, why my service wasn’t switched over, why I wasn’t notified of ineligibility, or the terms of my new discount (12 months from today or August? Free LCD?).

    DirectTv never screwed up this bad. Comcast never screwed up this bad. The last time I can remember getting screwed this badly was… hmm…. AT&T!

    Moral of the story: make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for, ask them to confirm that you are eligible for the plan you ordered, and push them to make it up to you with the LCD, retroactive credit, or (at the very least) a month or two of free service.

  8. Craig says:

    Verizon messed up my bill as well for 2 months. When I called to inquire on why I was told that I needed to accept my 2 yr agreement online in order to receive the discount. Hopefully since that was done my bill will be less now. I feel that they are trying to resolve them. I was contacted recently from a Verizon Personal Account Manager named Erica. She was very nice and answered all of my issues as well as got me in contact with the people who could help me. I had numerous issues with my box in my bedroom. She contacted the Tech Support people for me and once she got them on the line she called me and had a 3-way conversation with me and the technician. She is available from 9a until 9p Mon – Sat. The best part to me is that she is someone who speaks english and is not a computer speaking person. I have her direct number no push this or press that. I enjoy my FIOS service and for someone else to have to deal with the wait times and reolution and just call me when it is done is something that I enjoy. The service she offers is free and that is making me think twice about leaving them. Brighthouse was okay because I could not get any other service at the time, however now I would not dream of being without FIOS. Especially since they are hearing our concerns and trying to resolve them. If anyone is having a problem with their FIOS service call Erica. Her number is (813) 802-8060. She can help you.

  9. Ken says:

    I appreciate all the info on Verizon. I have Comcast Digital Starter and was thinkng about upgrading to one of the Triple-Plays. Couldn’t decide between FIOS and cable. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. Comcast it is.

  10. La'Dy says:

    Well take everything with a grain of salt….Because Comcast can’t touch the clarity in picture that Verizon FIOS gives…never eva eva eva. You get at least 20 more channels, east and west coast.

    But i must agree the customer service waiting time is absolutely absurd!! Yes, I had an appt 30 Dec 2007, did they show??? helllllll to the naw. Did I get my $50 no show credit, Yes Sir! I got $15 off per month for 2-years too. Was it worth it, perhaps. I was pissed they didn’t show nor call, and thank got my annoyance showed while a supervisor was listening. After FIOS, i agree my bill was ridiculous since May 2007. I had the internet first, and every since installation in Feb 2007, i have called each and every month to go through my bill through Jan 2008, and have gotten nice credits…is it worth hell no. I get sick of doing other peoples job. I’m a damn Accountant, not billing specialist!! Verizon seriously need to work those issues. Do i have my t.v. not yet. Installation was 1/3/08…its 2/5..what’s wrong with this picture?? Now I have to play TV promo rep too, and f/u. I guess. The picture is worth and the promotions… is worth it? Let’s see: My premium pkg includes HBO and the Movies pkg (includes Showtime, Encore, TMC, flix, STARZ, etc.). But is the savings alone really worth it?? I was paying Comcast $121 for 1 DVR, HBO and Showtime, did not include TMC or STARZ. And Verizon double service (phone, internet) $105. Since the switch, I have one DVR, not the Home Media, and 5 settop boxes. I am saving $75 per month overall between phone, internet and cable now.

    Verizon is overwhelmed and cannot handle the number calls and requests recv’d. I think this FIOS became more than they expected. If folks thinking like me, and wanting the cost savings….it will only get worse for Verizon. When you start saying cancel all my shyt, then the Managers will call u back. It’s definitely the approach.

    My motto is:

    If at first you don’t succeed, failure is definitely your style.

  11. Nicole says:

    I recently signed up for the triple play bundle and even though they don’t carry Fios in my area they would give us broadband internet, regular landline service and Direct TV. A representative called a couple days before the date of installation for Direct TV to notify me that they need verification from the landlord to install the sattelite dish. That same day I called Verizon back after I found out that our apartment complex does not allow dish satellites. Since I did sign up for the triple bundle pkg I did not want just the phone and internet and decided to cancel the whole deal. A month later I received a bill from Verizon for $90 and a month later for $149. When I called to inquire about the charges they told me they were activation fees,prorated monthly fees and cancellation fees!! They also said it was past 30 days to get any money back if I wasn’t satisfied. Please be warned that it is very hard to get any money refunded from them even if it was their mistake.They activated everything first and then let me know that there may be a problem if the landlord doesn’t accept a satellite dish. I asked for a manager and was put on hold and then disconnected numerous times and nothings been resolved yet!

  12. dil says:

    Its until feb 16th i believe and it’s a bad offer….i never got my TV!!!!!!!

  13. leslie says:

    we signed up for verizon’s triple play the tech that installed it had put holes in the roof never told us. My husband had to show him how to run the cable and ran it for him because he was there for 6 hours and had no clue. Well after two day I had no service on my TV. After calling them to come and fix the problem I was given an appointment for 3 weeks later. They said they had new customers that had to come before me. I proceeded to tell them that I am a new customer and will not stay with no TV for 3 weeks. Phone call after phone call and getting no where I told them to come and get their equipment out of my house and was told there would be no charge because it was under a month. This all took place in Dec. Today Feb 14,2008 I received a bill for $435.54 and was told I was in collections. Once again I called and spoke with yet another person who has the IQ of a 5 year old. So I asked to speak with a manager who again could not help me he said this was for service after telling I had no service he informed me that it was an installation charge. I informed him he owed me the money because my husband had to show your tech where and how to run the cable. Verizon should be reported for ripping people off.

  14. nancy says:

    Service is good, I have the triple play and the T.V is suppose to arrive tomorrow via FedEx. I checked the status. That was pretty quick considering that I’ve only had the service for about 2 months. This month the bill was $166 I have one dvr and 4 additional boxes. Not bad at all.

  15. captaon Clarke says:

    Verizon is Horrible!!!!!. I tried to sign up and I called the 888 number that they sent me in their marketing and when you try and order of the the phone it hangs up on you after your spend about 5 min going through the various options. what a joke. then I called a bunch of other numbers and there is no way to contact anyone. Why should I give my business to them. I thought it would be easier becuase Comcast was a nightmare too. but at least It is already set up with no problems.. Think hard before switching.. why elese would theythave to give a way free TVs… they need to juice the public into being stupid enough to put up with such bad service!!!!!!

  16. bobby d says:

    I signed up for the Verizon Triple Freedom package just before the holidays and thought I’d share my experience so far.
    At the time I signed up the “triple freedom” deal included – FIOS TV Premier (everything but premiums; the standard list of channels includes more than I had previously with Comcast), Unlimited Freedom telephone (unlimited calling within the U.S., voice mail, caller id, etc.), and FIOS Internet – for $99 a month for 2 years. The only installation fee was a one time $19.99 charge for FIOS internet, all other installation/setup fees were waived. Also, the first 30 days of my internet service were free; the all-in-one modem/wifi router are mine to keep; and I’m to receive my choice of a free 19″ LCD HDTV or a gift certificate of equal value.
    What it did not include –
    1 – set top boxes – Comcast charges for them as well so I was not entirely surprised; though I thought they might at least give me one box for free (which I believe Comcast does, though I could be mistaken). I have two standard def boxes @ $4.95 each and then got a promotional deal where I got a HD DVR box + the “movies” package (Showtime, TMC, Starz; basically every premium movie channel except HBO and Cinemax) for $20.
    2 – premium channels – nobody includes premium channels as part of their standard pricing so I expected to pay additional for them – aside from the aforementioned $20 HD DVR + “movies” package, I also added HBO for another $15.99.
    When I received my first bill and was finally able to make sense of the partial month charges (time from installation on 1/21 to the next billing cycle, which was 1/27 in my case) vs. the upcoming monthly charges (1/28 – 2/27) I found that they had not included the “triple play” discount in the TV portion of the bill. The discrepancy worked out to roughly $11. I called Verizon and spoke to a Ms. Robinson (cu-cu-cachoo) who was very helpful and went through my entire bill with me, then was kind enough to credit my account not for $11, but for $20. Though it was frustrating to have to call in the first place, at least they hooked me up; and while the billing dept. definitely screwed up, the customer service was very good.
    Compared to Comcast Internet – In terms of the internet service, both work fine and I see no discernible difference in speed.
    Compared to Comcast Cable TV – The “FIOS Premier” package offers more channels than Comcast’s similar “gold” package, which is nice. Also, the $12 “movies” package Verizon offers is difficult to beat (as noted above I got that plus an HD DVR box for $20). Pricing for the other premiums like HBO and Cinemax is pretty much identical, and you get the same # of each.
    Final thoughts – I’m happy with my decision to go with the Verizon Triple Freedom plan, though I can’t say it offers you anything significantly better than what you might get from Comcast’s similar “triple play” package. Do your homework and price them out based on what your usage will be (# of set top boxes, premium channels, etc.) before you make your decision.

  17. Robert says:

    I ordered the triple play package from verizon and had it installed on december 17, 2007. I was also to get the free lcd tv. It is now february 20, 2008 and i have yet to see the tv or the voucher to claim the tv. When I call to question why I have not got the voucher with instructions on how to claim your free tv, they tell me it takes two to three weeks before you get the voucher. I tell them it has been eight weeks and now I am told I have to wait another eight weeks just for the voucher. I am very disapointed with verizon, this is not how you run a business. If you cannot keep to your promise than do not make it. I am handicapped and I cannot beleive that verizon who has been around for quite awhile would do this to anyone. But, I am finding this out. Some companies do not care, just give us your money so we can put the screws to you.!!!!!!!

  18. Greg says:

    Good luck getting a TV from them. They can’t even get there billing straight let alone keep a promise like provide you with a TV. If they do, it’s going to be salvage from Katharine. Stay Away from the Venison Direct TV Package. They’re always getting the billing wrong, and blame one anther for the problem. I signed up in May 2007 and have yet to receive the billing price as offered
    If you do, enter at your own risk. It’s worse than spam mail or some Trojan virus, trying to fix this mess. Look, I bought a Direct TV receiver from Circuit City, and now that I have canceled my service with them, they say that the box is theirs, that I was just leasing it, and I must return it along with the one they provided. Oh really. I thought the five dollars a month I paid extra for it was all that was required. If I new that I wouldn’t’t have given Circuit City $99.00 for it.

  19. Please let me know when I can anticipate receiving my television?

  20. peter says:

    Fyi, I just got the tv via fed-x.

  21. jim h says:

    I have been without the TV since they installed back in mid december. The HDTV promo so far has been false advertising. DONT go with them.

  22. Dave S says:

    I too was waiting for my “free” LCDtv. My Fios was installed Nov 30 and this week, without ever receiving an email or letter from Verizon, received a $100 Gift card for Amex. I want the F@#$ing TV Verizon!

  23. shelly says:

    What a scam. I had the FIOS installed mid mid December and was told the tv would arrive in 4-6 weeks. In mid January I received a redemption letter for the tv. That really irked me. Now today I get a letter telling me another 10 weeks for the tv. I’m P&^^ed!

  24. John L says:

    Wow, I am sorry to hear that so many people are having these types of problems with Verizon! I made an appointment to have Triple Play installed on Dec 26 and the technician showed up as scheduled. It took him approximately 6 hours to complete the installation but he did an excellent job. He even cleaned up my floors after he was finished.
    My order included the Movie Package, HBO/Cinemax Package, 4 standard STBs, 1 HD DVR, 1 HD Home Media DVR, 1 Freedom Essentials phone line with the distinctive ring feature for a fax machine and 1 additional Freedom phone line. The only problem with my bill is that I am supposed to be receiving 1 standard STB free for 1 year because my installation was scheduled for a Tuesday or Wednesday. This is an error of $4.99 per month but I still have yet to call and report this error.
    As far as the HDTV promotion, I received my TV from FedEx yesterday.
    I would like to point out that most people that have a good experience do not bother to take the time to praise a company so it is only natural that you will read posts that are primarily negative. I am not saying that the majority of people experiences are positive or negative as I would have no way of knowing but after my experience, three neighbors have also switched from Comcast and they all had a great experience also. I can definitely say that none of us will look back. The FIOS TV service is far better than that provided by Comcast. If any of you have ever experienced little square boxes on your screen (called pixelation) where it appears to freeze, and I saw them all the time with Comcast, it is rare to EVER see this with the Verizon service. There are many more channels and the internet service is MUCH faster (and it is noticable). When I had Comcast, I received HBO, Showtime, and TMC for my premium channels only. I now have much more and I still save over $70 per month.

  25. N says:

    I recelty got the Triple play as well and they really screwed up my installion. They created a new account under my name eventhough I already had an account. I had Verizon phone and wanted to order the triple play so did online. When I go the bill I realized that they created a new account # and added the triple play on top of the phone service. I called them and asked them what the issue was and I was told that it was my mistake and I was the one who asked them to create a new account when I ordered it online. I tried explanning to them that the system won’t allow me to create a new account. I told them that it would give me two options; one is as “existing customer” another as”new customer”. You have to enter the phone number if you choose the first and if you choose the second you only have to enter the address but if you choose the second one while already having an account with verizon; it will ask you for your address and when you enter the address, it will say this address and name alredy has a verizon account and please use that account. So it is not possible for me to create a new account online. I don’t even think they allow it. Anyway, they still say it is my fault but I have got them to cancel one of the account and still give me the free TV. I hope they follow through.

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