Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!

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This Verizon FiOS promotional offer has ended but was replaced with a promotion for a $200 American Express gift card with activation.

Verizon Triple Play Promotion: Free 19-Inch Sharp LCD HDTVEver sign up for something only to find a hot coupon or promotion after you’ve completed the process? As you may remember, I had Verizon service installed yesterday and today I discovered that they have a Verizon Triple Play promotion where they will give you a free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV if you sign up for digital cable television, high speed internet, and phone service. I recently only got the Double Play package, which is the Triple Play minus telephone service, but I did not score a free television. 🙁

The promotion is pretty good if you’re looking for all three services and it’s lukewarm if you’re looking for only two of those services (though the Double Play promotion includes a digital camcorder instead of the TV). Since I didn’t need phone service, it wasn’t cost effective for me to sign up for telephone just to get the free TV. Telephone service would’ve run approximately $15 a month extra for two years. That’s an additional total cost of $360, a mere $20 less than the retail price of the Sharp LCD on Amazon. Plus, I wasn’t in the market for a new TV anyway… so it’s a loss only in the sense that it would’ve been nice to get a free TV.

So the promo is hot for anyone looking to switch and needs all three, I hope someone can take advantage of this. Even if it wasn’t perfect for me, you always feel dumb for finding out a deal after you’ve bought something… luckily this time it wasn’t that bad.

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66 Responses to “Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The bills are way more than we were told with many hidden costs, and we’ve been waiting for our free TV for well over a month. (They advertise that you’ll have it w/in 2-3 weeks. All the research I’ve done is fairly negative — maybe 1 out of every 12 customers are satisfied and I’m finding it very common to be waiting on the TV more like several months than the advertised several weeks!

  2. BE REALISTIC says:

    Ok I have had the time to read on the comments about VZ I happen to love Verizon and the service. I have the FIos and I can tell you it is faster than cable. I think people need to be realistic every time a technician says there coming they don’t come all the time and that is with all companies I have sat for IDT, COMCAST, and CABLEVISION and have gotten no explainations. But did get credits but yes I was out of a day at work. It happens to the best of us. In terms of the free offers have you ever been given a REBATE it doesn’t come in a 2 weeks they usuallty take 8-10 weeks. You guys need to relax. and those talking about your bills every company charges for boxes and movie channels. WHy have we come to a point were we as a people expect lots of service, faster internet, unlimited calling things done yesterday all for free. Get over yourselves I got my tv and I wasn’t waiting for it why? because I have others I am not waiting and calling for 6 hours of my week for a tv the size of my microwave… People let’s go back to the day when everybody stops BIT&HING… Give Verizon a break what do you do when you have items backordered from research that is the issue they are having. Where are the customers who got there tvs and are happy… Those unhappy people waiting for a tv and angry about billing equals like 1% of VZ billions of customers. Keep in mind Verizon is one of the highest regulated companies out there. So fees and restrictions and ugly bills are what they have to do!!!!!!!!!

  3. WHY says:

    U people act like you dont get service for your money… Who would pay 99 a month for 24 months to get a free tv worth 300 please do the math!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joan says:

    I got my TV. It was delivered by Fed Ex. I had to contact the voucher company, Harte Banks. They can be reached at (866)279-0438. They are open Monday thru Friday from 8a-5p. Verizon FIOS has no idea of when you will get it. My Personal Account Manager, Erica, gave me the number.

  5. Larry says:

    I never received my free TV they screwed my bill up but straightened it out with credits .they have bad tech support for the internet hock up took them over 8 calls to get me up and running they have no clue .Know everything is fine but what a hassle . STILL NO FREE TV I WILL DISCONNECT IF I DONT GET TV AND GO BACK TO COM CAST VERY POOR THESE PEOPLE STINK

  6. Linda Burgos says:

    We signed up for Verizon by the deadline, and had FIOS installed March 10, 2008. We called Verizon two times about our missing television. We have gotten conflicting information when we call. So far, we do not have the TV. I think everyone needs to start writing letters to the attorney general, and consumer affairs office.

  7. Happy Now says:

    Install was in December, it took 5 months to get the TV.
    I have no complaint about FIOS other than the DVR can get slow and bogged down, and it took so long to get the TV.
    Way bettter than comcast though.

  8. P-Od says:

    I ordered service in December
    Installed in January
    As of May, no TV
    Filed a complaint with my state’s Attorney General
    Verizon finally acted – overnight delivery of my TV, and 2 free months of service
    Encourage all to do the same!!!

  9. Rosemary says:

    Signed up for triple play in December 2007. Installed on January 18, 2008. Received TV finally yesterday. Was expecting a Sharp. They sent a ViewSonic. Looks really cheap!! Felt like they pulled a bate and switch. Called the 866-279-0438 and was told I wasn’t guaranteed a Sharp. Talk about false advertising. Now I have to waste time looking through all of my old paperwork to check the fine print. Verizon is too big for me. Very disappointed. I think I will follow the advice of P-Od and file a complaint with my Attorney General.

  10. Paul Keister says:

    I’ve waitied 15 weeks for the TV and finally deciided to fight fire with fire. I filed a formal complaint on misleading marketing practices with my local county cable TV franchise board. These are the folks who grant the license Verizon uses to provide TV service. Within 1 day I had a phone call from the Verizon executive offices saying they had expedited the TV and I would recieve it within 2 weeks. It’s sceduled for delivery tomorrow via FedEx. We’ll see what brand they provide as they did give me an option for Sharp or Mitsubishi and I chose Sharp.

  11. Kathy says:

    I purchased their 2 yr bundle and was told I would be getting my TV within 6-8 weeks. I did not and called. I also got conflicting stories. First I was told they had no record, then told I did not qualify, then they called back and said I did qualify, then they called back and said I did not qualify. I went into the Grapevine TX store at 114 and Wm D Tate and the salesman Jason confirmed that he told me I qualified. I said his manager would call me and he has not done so. That was two weeks ago.

    When I call the promotional department I am on hold for almost two hours before anyone answers. I would be interested in joining in an action against Verizon. My email is

  12. Andy says:

    I have the same problem with Verizon. Sign up with the triple Fios back in Jan did not get the free TV, I called so many time about my overcharge bill and when the free TV will arrive, I keep getting in about 6 to 8 weeks. The answer I got from supervisor name Matt the Tv is backorder and dont know when it going to be filled. I filed a complaint to the California Attorney General about my situation on June within a week I just got my Free Sharp 19′ on June 12,2008 finally. This is so sad that I need to file a complaint with the Attorney General for Verizon to solve this problem. People do not waste your time file a complaint to the Attorney General immediatelly and get result.

  13. Steve says:

    I went for the Verizon deal last December of receiving FIOS internet, cable and landline service for $100/month with the added incentive of receiving a free 19” Sharp LCD TV.

    It then took 4 months and repeated phone calls with interminable wait times before we finally received the TV, only to find the set was defective (distorted picture and inoperable DVD player). I contacted Sharp since it has a 1 year warranty and they said they’d repair it and ship it back to me but I must pay for shipping to them.

    Pay $40-50 to UPS a “free gift” that turns out to be defective? That didn’t sound right so I called Verizon. This should be their problem, not mine.

    Well, after spending almost two hours on the phone being given the runaround from one department to another, each time waiting listening to muzac for a half hour, I finally go through to what seemed a reasonable person looking to help out. “Chris” took down the info on the TV model, its defects, and my email address and said I’d receive an email the following Monday (I called on a Friday) directing me on how and where to ship the TV for a free replacement.

    Well, 2 ½ weeks later and no email, so I called “Chris” again at the number he left me. Instead I got another rep at a call center who on checking my file found only a note “complaint on TV” and then proceeded to say that sadly there was nothing Verizon could do, I must take it up with Sharp. I again told her this should not be Verizon’s customer’s problem, but rather their’s to remedy and there was no reason I should be paying out of pocket for a defective “free gift”.

    After being put on hold numerous times (I swear this is their strategy to get rid of people) she again said nothing they could do. I told her this struck me as a major scam as the TV model number cannot be found on any internet site and my guess is their built to lower quality or are seconds.

    Their final solution to my complaint on the defective TV was to offer to help me cancel my service (which I so far haven’t done). Clearly they value their customers!

    Another Verizon item: for the first several bills they overcharged me for their service and it took several calls, again with the dread hold time (all part of the plan) to get this right. Talking with other members of my church I learned they also had this experience.

    Great company. They should not be allowed to get away with this cheating game they have going just because they’re a large faceless company.

    Google “Verizon free TV scam and numerous message boards of complaints pop up. We’re hardly alone and I will post this wherever possible to do my little part to bring these clowns into the light of day.

    Verizon, do you hear me now?

  14. MW says:

    well after having to call them literally every month to correct my bill [it’s easily to calculate..just start with the promotional offer, then add all the fees & taxes…anything over that they owe.]

    my service started in feb..and in may i received my free tv letter. i suspect i won’t receive anything until august.

    i can honestly say one thing. this has class action lawsuit written all over it. it they have even the slightest bit of legal acumen the will offer people waiting for tv’s an instant credit, or a month to month contract in lieu of a 2 year commitment.

    any judge that gets this case will throw the book at them as it reeks of intentional deception and an attempt to manipulate their accounting in favor in profitability regardless of their oustanding liabilities [i.e. the 1000s of tvs they should be sending out each month..but clearly are not]

    how stupid do they think we are. believe me when the class action lawsuit is filed, i will be first in line.

  15. David Topf says:

    I ordered the Triple Play in early March 08 and it was installed a couple of weeks later. It was the most professional installation of anything I have ever had installed at my home. My TV arrived a couple of months later. It is a Toshiba.
    FIOS’s picture quality and sound quality are considerablly better than Comcast. Many of my neighbors and coworkers have had similar experiences. The bill has been exactly what they predicted it would be.
    Now that I understand Comcast will be picking up the Big Ten Network for sports this summer, I hope Verizon will also pick this up.

  16. Bill says:

    Had Verizon triple play installed on Feb 10. No TV, I have called their “customer service” numerous times – always an excuse. I’ve had to have hardware replaced and the phone has been out twice. the pictures good but the sound cuts out. 18 more months and I can get out of their service.

  17. sean says:



  18. patrick moran says:

    i signed up for the triple play package in mid december 07 ans was supposed to recieve the sharp 19′ tv and as of right now have still not recieved it..the number to call to check the status is a joke as i keep getting 2 more weeks or we are trying to get it to you as fast as we can…and the sad thing is i was happy with comcast..i am sure my tv still won’t be here after my contract expires and when it does expire its buy-buy verizon..

  19. says:

    We went for the Verizon deal last January of receiving FIOS internet, cable and landline service for $109/month with the added incentive of receiving a free 19” Sharp LCD TV.

    January installation 8am-12 no show ,reschedule next available mid february.Call and verify free tv is still obtainable.Verizon rep :(Ater 30 minute wait)Oh yes it has been extended until March due to overwhelming interest in Maryland states rep.

    After many calls,no letter,can’t my supposed password to work on Verizon web site.June 6th Rep, states ourorder had never been processed in the dept thta award a tv.She submits offer and info.

    Several calls in July to follow up ..Rep states “will be shipped in several weeks”

    August 1st…Call again speak with someone in the billing dept I recieve a letter

    Verizon has over charged you on your bill…You will recieve a creidt on the next bill (have spent nurmous hours since Jan trying to get bill corrected ) No matter how you add it up it’s not only different evwery month.. Charges are way over the 109.00 a month.

    Now the real kicker I ask about my FREE TV ..6differnt people later and a 2.5 hr phone call..The marketing Dept tells me ” You didnt get the 12 mgb something internet service so you are not eligable for the TV. HA I;m not a computer specialist and told the girl your technican should disclosed this at the time of installation..Your company is not being honest..THE LINE IS QUIET she transfers me to a Customer Service Rep again (ith some long title) that is just a fancy name for a supervisor..I’m on hold again..20 minutes later..She states
    You are not eligable because you already had Verizon Phone Servise !

    That was the final straw…I explained the are full of deception and misleading…
    and the only Customer Service they provided was they could speak proper English. I had read some where some consumers are asking Comcast etc to
    pay verizon $199 the disconection fee and they would go back to Comcast immed.
    Verizon CAN YOU HEAR THIS>> When I can,I will disconnect ALL yur products ,

    HOME PHONE,TV,INTERNERT and our family has 4 Cell phones thru Verizon WIRELESS


  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    I feel for you, and I can tell you that I have pulled my hair as much as you have over these promotions. I know many people have historically been left with the impression that reps do not care and are trying to get off their call by saying “It’s on it’s way,” or “It’s out of my hands,” but I can assure you that although this was a huge blunder for this company, the employees do care. Many reps have a list of people inquiring about their gift hoping for a direct answer from somebody higher up. I personally have escalated this to a level within Verizon that is helping me come to a resolution. At this point, if you’re still calling, keep this in mind:

    1. The company Verizon contracted with to provide these gifts (Harte-Hanks) has cut them (Verizon reps) off effective less than a month ago in this sense: They used to be able to call Harte Hanks a month ago and ascertain delivery status of the gift. Their phone number is now disabled and redirects the caller to a Verizon customer service rep. The main channel of customer service has no direct resource to determine a delivery date of a customer. Supervisors also do NOT have direct access to this information, so it is almost always essentially useless to ask for one for this situation. It is a public utility, and some resolutions that have been offered were violations of the states’ tariffs. For example: Giving $200 in credit on a bill. That will no longer happen, even with an executive complaint from Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO. Verizon is not tariffed to provide credit for misquoting customers a free gift. I am personally working on creating a resolution that will work as a compromise for those who will not receive their gift, but please have more patience while that is fought for. I am spending countless hours researching and fighting this problem. You deserve what you were promised.

    2. On that note, there are indications in these posts that people are referring to outside agencies (Public utilities commissions and better business bureau)… when you file a complaint with these entities, it is referred directly to an executive level, and from there it is referred directly to reps that work in the same call center you started communications with. Starting recently, even these executive complaints are going to lead to the same conclusion as calling in: Your point of contact is not going to have direct access to the information you’re trying to obtain. The only thing you would accomplish is receiving an offer for a call back, and a direct line to their voicemail where you can leave a message (or several) and be waiting for a response when that person has the time to check their voicemail messages.

    3. If your information was sent to this contracted company Harte-Hanks, you might not get your gift until November. They had such an overwhelming response from Verizon to deliver these televisions that a couple things happened: After January 1, you were not guaranteed the Sharp Aquos. Regardless of whether the rep promised a sharp or not (If I knew why people said the things they said, or did they things they did, I’d be in a different business than I am), After Jan 1 It might be a Zenith, might be a Viewsonic, etc. As of right now, Harte-Hanks is quoting a 7 to 11 week delivery timeframe. No lie….

    4. If Verizon has not sent your information to this company already, you are out of luck. You won’t receive a TV, or a best buy gift card, or an RCA small wonder camcorder, or a Flip Video digital video camera; regardless of whether the services you signed up for qualify you for this promotion. This is one of my main concerns…I am working long extra hours to convince my contacts to help lobby an approval for a replacement (or consolation, if you will) gift.

    If you were promised this promotion and at this point have not received your gift, here are the steps I recommend you take. Call Verizon’s customer service number, found on your bill or Verizon’s website. Ask for billing and make sure you enter your home phone number into the automated system so it will get you to a FiOS agent. Ask the agent who answers if they are in the department “Encore”, or ask to be transferred to there. Then, ask the Encore rep to check the database for your account information. If they do not have the database on their workstation, they can easily find someone who does.

    *If you are in the Database, You are on the right track. Harte-Hanks is prepared to honor the promotion that Verizon promised you. Request that the rep forward this information to inquire about delivery status. The rep will be notified and is more than empowered to call you back with details. Please keep in mind that Verizon is not authorized to issue credit toward the billing for an unreasonable delivery time, due to a lack of state tariffs allowing the credit. If you pursue this with the state utilities commission, they will refer your complaint to the call center and someone will call you and advise you that they cannot issue any credit.

    *If you are not in the database, I’d ask, “What did Verizon do to disqualify my account?” Even though the answer you will receive will not be reasonable, (You signed up for 5/2 instead of 15/2.. I dont care what internet speed I had, you told me I’d get this TV. I’m stuck in a contract for 2 years). Please do not argue that Verizon did not meet their end of the bargain:

    A) Calls are recorded randomly, each rep has 2 random calls per day recorded for TRAINING purposes only. It is useless to request a recorded conversation you have had with Verizon over the phone.

    B) The terms of service for a FiOS bundle, which is the agreement Verizon is held accountable for, has no mention of a free gift, so please do not ask to have the early termination fee waived as an argument that we did not meet our end of the agreement. Trust me when I say, if people you speak to had the option to waive or credit this fee, several people would be receiving a $199 credit on their account. The reality is that the 2-year contract is for providing the services themselves (Freedom Essentials, FiOS Internet, and FiOS TV Premier). The terms of service for the fios bundle can be found here:

    P.S. If you are in Oregon and were promised this promotion for signing up for FiOS Triple Play, sorry…Verizon could not get approval from the state to offer this promotion to you, and therefore Verizon made a mistake mentioning this promotion. If you saw this promotion on Verizon’s website, it’s because Verizon was giving general information and you did not enter your address or phone number to make sure you qualified for the service.

    Another thing to point out is that Verizon had system issues on and around the time of the new year, preventing reps from being able to add the qualifying bundle discounts to accounts. Reps were relied upon to follow these accounts and subsequently add the discounts when a fix was in place, but many lost track of the accounts being followed, and thus disqualified the account from the promotion.

    My bottom line: I know this is Verizon’s fault. They chose a company that is on the bottom of the marketing food chain to provide a sweetener to sign up for their services for 2 years. They need to be held accountable for their employees promising a free gift to people who sign up for these services in a 2 year contract.

    I want to help you. If you are still pursuing resolution for this promotion, please feel free to email me and I will do everything I can do to ensure that you get results.

    Thank you for your time

  21. Patricia says:

    We have been waiting for our $50 Target gift card since November 2007. We keep calling every few weeks. The first answer was it was never put in the system, second it should be there in 2 weeks, third if you don’t get it by the end of August call back. Called back Sept 1 I was given some kind of a number, I guess for their records. Called back again still researching it and just this week they were still researching it. I finally asked for a supervisor and she said she had no answers for me. Call back again I was told. All I want to know is why so many stories and why are they researching it. It not so much about the gift card now it is the principal of it. I am going to go to the media if I don’t get it soon. Live TV.

  22. anonymous says:

    Still waiting for tv or gift card. It is obviously a scam and no one cares about it. The latest thing isnow they said they sent me a Best Buy gift card in June. Guess what no they didnt, or at least I didnt get it. So now they are launching an investigation into its possible theft. Another stall tactic. Oh yea, did i mention they said the same thing about a American Express gift card that they supposedly sent in March? another lie

  23. Anonymous says:

    I was promised an investigation was started and it would take 10-15 days. Well here we are 7 months after I ordered Verizon and I am still no closer to getting what was promised to me. Verizon is conducting a well known Fraud. They continue to lie to their customers. I have gone from a TV to an American Express Gift Card, to a Best Buy Gift card to the latest, a 200 credit to my bill over the next 2 years. There is no way I will have this company for 2 years. I am doing everything in my power to turn everyone I know off of Verizon. CABLE is much better, dont buy into the empty promises. Dont Buy into the “help” that people office when they call on the phone about your complaints. I told them I was filing a police report since they claim my cards were lost in the mail, but could not furnish any document that indicated they mailed me anything. Well if they couldnt furnish anything that showed they mailed something, then how do they know they mailed me anything? They are liars and cheats and did I mention liars………….

  24. Angelemerald says:

    Verizon and Direct TV are the worst liars in terms of any company I have ever had to deal with . I bought their triple play package in Feburary 2008 from Verizon and had nothing but billing problems and service problems with them. The idiot Verizon sales person did not set my account up right and in March Direct TV billed me directly becasue Verizon did not have me in the triple play package. I tried resolving my problems with Verizon and after at least 25 hours of phone calls and due to the ongoing billing and service issues with Verizon I closed my account. Now Direct TV wants 479. dollars for an early termination fee. I never had an agrement with Direct TV but just by them installing their equipment they claim I signed a 2 year agreement.

    Both Direct TV and Verizon are staffed by idiots who could care less about customer satisfaction. Moreover they are two slick companies that are purposefully incompetent so that they can actually steal your money. (And the US wonders why we are in economic turmoil.)

    Don’t believe a word Verizon and Direct TV say about Triple Play. It’s triple screw the customer!!!

  25. Hens says:

    switched to verizon got the bundle pk was told we missed the tv promo but we would get the $200 amex card that was 4 months ago i called
    and was told that we didnt qualify for the gift card because we didnt have a 2 yr agreement just a one yr hmm really whoever i spoke with that day also said that if we put our cell phone bill onto our home bill we would be able to call back and forth from home to cell and vis-versa without using our minuts but guess what that never happened either and when I called about they said the order was never put through they had no record of that and this offer ended so there you have it NICE s.o.b

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