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Verizon Triple Play: Free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV Promotion!

This Verizon FiOS promotional offer [3] has ended but was replaced with a promotion for a $200 American Express gift card with activation.

Ever sign up for something only to find a hot coupon or promotion after you’ve completed the process? As you may remember, I had Verizon service installed yesterday [4] and today I discovered that they have a Verizon Triple Play [5] promotion where they will give you a free 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV [6] if you sign up for digital cable television, high speed internet, and phone service. I recently only got the Double Play package, which is the Triple Play minus telephone service, but I did not score a free television. 🙁

The promotion is pretty good if you’re looking for all three services and it’s lukewarm if you’re looking for only two of those services (though the Double Play promotion includes a digital camcorder instead of the TV). Since I didn’t need phone service, it wasn’t cost effective for me to sign up for telephone just to get the free TV. Telephone service would’ve run approximately $15 a month extra for two years. That’s an additional total cost of $360, a mere $20 less than the retail price of the Sharp LCD on Amazon. Plus, I wasn’t in the market for a new TV anyway… so it’s a loss only in the sense that it would’ve been nice to get a free TV.

So the promo is hot for anyone looking to switch and needs all three, I hope someone can take advantage of this. Even if it wasn’t perfect for me, you always feel dumb for finding out a deal after you’ve bought something… luckily this time it wasn’t that bad.