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Your Take: Will You Vote?

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VotingWith the election next Tuesday, it’s natural that the Your Take the Friday beforehand would be this one – will you be voting? Why or why not?

I’ll be voting. Our polling place is actually just a ten minute walk from our house so I’ll wander over sometime mid-morning and cast my ballot. There are some very interesting referendum questions here in Maryland. There’s one that would expand gaming, offer in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants who pay their taxes, and same sex marriage. With the exception of marijuana, those three are probably the three biggest issues (or at least in the top five or ten) in any state and we have three at once. It’s been interesting seeing the blitz of advertising regarding all three but the polls will ultimately decide what happens here in Maryland.

I’d ask you who you’re voting for but I think that’s best left for Tuesday. 🙂

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57 Responses to “Your Take: Will You Vote?”

  1. Peter says:

    I’ll be voting, I have a strong preference in the presidential election, in addition to having a couple of constitutional ammendments on the ballot here in Minnesota. So yes, I’ll be voting.

    We’ve seen a huge blitz of advertising in the last few days as recent polls show the race tightening to within the margin of error here in Minnesota, which is usually a sure Democratic win in the presidential election. It may be again this year, we’ll see.

  2. ChrisCD says:

    Yes, I am voting. I get the mail in ballot, but I always forget to do it ahead of time. So I just go down and drop it off. No waiting in lines at least. :O)

  3. I already voted. I took advantage of early in person voting in Florida to avoid lines.

  4. tom says:

    Yes, for Gary Johnson. Neither 2 party system candidates appeal to my “Fix the debt” mindset.

    • Matt M says:

      What, that’s like not voting.

      And we all know that Romney will spend a lot less then Barack.

      • tom says:

        It’s like not voting?

        That’s about the most foolish thing I’ve heard today.

        Your vote is your voice. I choose to use my voice to say that the two party system is crap.

        Gary Johnson is the best of both worlds. A socially liberal, fiscal conservative. He says keep government small and out of your business. More moderate Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats should pay attention.

      • Allie says:

        Why do you think Romney would spend less? More jobs have been produced, unemployment has been lower and stock market went up double under a democratic president over a republican president. Remember Reagon nearly doubled FICA taxes on the lowest 90% who paid FICA taxes.

        • Matt M says:

          My point was that Gary Johnson has no shot at winning, you might as well do a right in ballot for yourself. In VA he is not on the ballot.

  5. Fabclimber says:

    I will definitely vote because it is the duty of every citizen to educate themselves about the candidates and to vote. Just the same as when I was drafted into the Army. Every citizen needs to do their part to keep the country strong.

    Be an activist instead of just a critic.

  6. Stephanie says:

    My husband and I have already voted, did so last week. We have ballots by mail here and even before it was the way it was done by everyone in Washington state, we did so by absentee anyway. I like voting when I want. It gives us a chance to have heard all the hulabalu surrounding everything, read what we felt necessary, listened to debates and then in the comfort of our own home we have the chance to discuss the issues, pros and cons together and I drop our ballots at the local library when it fits my schedule! By last week we had done what we felt was the necessary research for any questions we had and we follow all the discussions on local TV & national to the point of absurdity.
    It makes me mad when people don’t exercise their right to vote. I don’t agree with a lot of my friends on the issues, but I’ll defend their right to their opinions till I die.
    I hate the electoral vote and I always want to believe that my vote counts.
    Everyone please vote!

  7. lostAnnfound says:

    Yes, I will be voting on Tuesday. It is my responsibility as a citizen to participate in elections.

  8. Kris says:

    Definitely. I honestly don’t know yet who will get my vote for Prez, but I will vote, even if it is for an independent candidate.

  9. Kathy says:

    100% absolutely we will vote! It is our duty as responsible citizens.

  10. freeby50 says:

    I’ve voted already.

  11. Yes, I’ll be voting. My momma taught me that if I didn’t vote I can’t complain. 🙂

  12. Michael Harr says:

    I’ll be taking the long walk across the street to cast my vote. Still undecided as each candidate leaves me with much to desire. Maybe it’ll be a Gary Johnson kind of day on Tuesday.

  13. Dan Hartmanstorfer says:

    I will be casting my vote on Tuesday

  14. Matt M says:

    Yep, I live in VA so my vote really counts.

  15. daenyll says:

    Already did my civic duty, early voting avoids lines.

  16. SLS says:

    I already voted via our mail-in ballot system here in OR.

  17. Gwen H says:

    Of course I will vote. This was a hard won right so it is not anything I take lightly.

  18. govenar says:

    I’m not… (I’m in California…)

  19. Shirley says:

    My mail-in ballot went in a few days ago.

  20. tbork84 says:

    I am voting, even though living it Massachusetts the presidential race is all but decided for this state. But there are plenty of other races where my vote will make a difference.

  21. Bill & Marilyn Voorhies says:

    Our two mail-in ballots went to our Town Hall last week; let’s all encourage voting by every registered voter!

  22. Bill & Marilyn Voorhies says:

    Two paper ballots from us to our Town Office; happy to participate in our free elections, always!

  23. Yana says:

    My husband and I voted just as soon as we could by absentee ballot.

  24. Jim M says:

    Will definitely be voting – just brought my daughter home from college today so she can do the absentee voter thing.

  25. Carmen says:

    I will certainly vote. I haven’t always, but I do now.

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