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Your Take: Will You Vote?

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VotingWith the election next Tuesday, it’s natural that the Your Take the Friday beforehand would be this one – will you be voting? Why or why not?

I’ll be voting. Our polling place is actually just a ten minute walk from our house so I’ll wander over sometime mid-morning and cast my ballot. There are some very interesting referendum questions here in Maryland. There’s one that would expand gaming, offer in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants who pay their taxes, and same sex marriage. With the exception of marijuana, those three are probably the three biggest issues (or at least in the top five or ten) in any state and we have three at once. It’s been interesting seeing the blitz of advertising regarding all three but the polls will ultimately decide what happens here in Maryland.

I’d ask you who you’re voting for but I think that’s best left for Tuesday. 🙂

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57 Responses to “Your Take: Will You Vote?”

  1. Mary says:

    Yes, of course I will vote Tuesday morning. We can’t totally eliminate the course of our country loosing our freedom, but I can pray we can slow it down enough for people to see how much freedom we have already lost.

  2. Shorebreak says:

    I will vote like I have voted in every general election since I was eligible to in 1969. Even when stationed overseas while serving in the armed forces of this country.

  3. Jane says:

    I already voted. I was planning not to vote, but then I was forced by my family.

  4. Rochelle says:

    Yes, I already voted absentee ballot.
    I work in the polls on election day.
    “With great privilege comes great obligation”.

  5. Deb says:

    Yes. We Voted. Every Election we exercise our right and responsibility to Vote.
    This elections is Exceptionally important and the stakes are Extremely high!
    We have all cast our Colorado-Power-Vote for Barack.

    I work with his campaign for re-election, since May, as well as do my own personal mission of continuing with persuasion efforts on my entire block and neighborhood.
    I was really inspired by the following story and decided to make it a personal mission ~ outside of the campaign’s specific focus at this time.
    “To the 16 year Old Who Knocked on My Door Asking That I Vote for Obama”

  6. tanya says:

    I voted early to avoid the hassle and the lines.

  7. justin says:

    I’ll be voting for sure. Honestly I don’t care who wins the presidency because I don’t like either.
    I’m more concerned with the ballot proposals in MI. We’ve got 6 and three or four want to change the state constitution to allow special interests to have a 2nd chance at issues that the our representatives turned down.

  8. Wanda says:

    I voted last week before heading out of town, just in case I didn’t make it back in time.

  9. Glenn Lasher says:

    I always vote.

    This year, as I have only done once before, my presidential vote will be for a main party, because even though I am apathetic towards the one for whom I will be voting, I believe it critical that the other major party candidate *not* be President. Otherwise, I would likely vote third party.

  10. It’s incredibly important to vote and it’s disappointing when people don’t. The only way things will change is if you vote, because every vote counts. It will be interesting to see what portion of the population votes.

  11. Daniel says:

    I already voted to ensure that I could vote. In my county of residence, there have already been hundreds of citizens turned away from early voting places because a fraudster had already voted in their stead!

  12. Elaine says:

    I’ve already voted. I really wish the campaign period was shortened. By now I am sick of it all.

  13. Ron C says:

    If you do not vote it’s a felony charge if later you write a political letter to an editor, if you complain to a friend about where the country is going, if you tremble when you read the daily paper about what the President is doing. So vote, and then you can punch out your neighbors for their wrong votes without fear of arrest. Trust me on this.

  14. Sigh says:

    I don’t vote for a number of reasons.
    I will just list one here.

    Under the current setup In the USA, voting involves far too much faith. If you think about it, going out to vote is like praying to God before you go to sleep at night. The voter blindly extends his faith to the entire apparatus of the national vote taking and accounting system. It’s like saying, “I trust thousands of people who i don’t know and have never met, I suspend rational thought processes and will just trust in the basic goodness of all Americans”.

    Wake up call! Do you even trust the software in your own Computer? If so, why do we load all those virus scanners, firewalls and spyware removers into our computers?

    All it takes is a group of dishonest persons with an agenda, like winning, in a strategic location within the voting infrastructure, and tens or hundreds of thousands of votes could be altered or deleted or whatever. Is this hard to imagine? Think back a few years ago, just how did the recent 14 trillion dollar collapse of Wall Street get started?

    Voting is like writing a Will, trusting in the basic honesty of family members, people you lived all your life with. Believing that after you are dead others will actually do what you want with money and property that was once yours. Having faith that estate “lawyers” and courts will insure that your will is done. Dream on friends! I have been thru it several times! Want me to tell you what my mother and her sister did with my grand mothers Will after she passed away? Just remember dead people cannot talk! And estate lawyers spend most of their time trying to figure out how to fatten their salaries.

    If you cannot fully trust your own family and neighbors how on earth can you rationally extend trust to unknown tens of thousands nation wide? People with all kinds of agendas. And this is only one reason why i don’t buy into the voting routine.

    • Martha says:

      Yes, but if you don’t vote aren’t you just in a sense “giving in” to the fact that voting is never going to work. I’d rather vote, if you don’t then you can’t complain when you disagree with politicans!

      • Matt M says:

        @Sigh – Not wanting to vote because you think votes could be altered or deleted is ridiculous. If “hundreds of thousands of votes” where altered or deleted it would be very obvious from exit polls. Also the electronic voting machines are very secure, they are essentially like paper ballots that can be tallied electronically.

      • Cash says:

        I agree that we all SHOULD vote but not that we NEED to vote. In many instances I agree with SIGH and his frustration but then I come to my senses and understand that it still something that SHOULD be done. In regards to Martha saying ‘if you don’t then you can’t complain’, I find this to be absolutely false. For many years, when I was younger, I didn’t vote and for many years people would say this to me. My response was, “I pay taxes to suport this country and that proves to be a lot more effective than any vote.”

  15. elloo says:

    Of course you have to vote. Why else live in America? Go somewhere else then if you don’t vote in THE most important election of all–the presidential election, for goodness sakes. I want to decide my future. Although I will admit that I have voted for some candidates in the past who have thrown some curve balls that were not to my liking. But, I digress… VOTE!

  16. Robert says:

    I voted absentee and I will try to vote again like many other Democrats, I realize we can’t win unless we lie and/or cheat. Actually, I am only voting once. LOL

  17. WillAmky says:

    Yes, actually voted already. I can’t believe that so many people don’t vote, when it is so accessible. Early voting, absentee voting, polls just around the corner of your house etc.! So sad that people sacrificed so much for us to have this privilege that so many take for granted.
    And for those casting protest votes. Please listen to this short click by a very level headed Bill Whittle. It lays out a very good case on why you should vote for one of the two major parties this year.

  18. I am excited for the ads to end. You can’t skip them on DVR them during football.
    Bring on Black Friday ads after Tuesday.

  19. Steph says:

    I am disgusted with both of the major party candidates, so I will be giving my vote to a 3rd party in hopes that they get at least 5% of the national votes, which is necessary to get federal funding for future campaigns. I believe we need at lest 3 major parties to keep everyone in check. George Washington advised against a two party system, and I agree with him!

  20. Martha says:

    I will absolutely be voting, I still remember the excitement of voting when I was a little girl and would go into the voting booths with my parents!

    If you’re a parent, take your children and set a good example!

  21. Mary Kaplan says:

    Yes, I will definitely be voting! A friend of mine told me that she takes her kids to the polls with her. She’s hoping that by taking them there, they will be good voters of the future. She also said that on local issues, she enlists the kids to research the issue and decide how to vote. I think this is a really good way to expose the kids to our voting process and instill in them the importance of this right.

    • Shirley says:

      Enlisting the kids to help research local issues is a wonderful idea! Not only will this help them learn to be informed adult voters, but it could also help them want to become active community participants.

  22. Arcadia Ramirez says:

    Wow! I am definelly going to vote i just became USA-citizen and very happy to make my vote to count and to pray God for the best of our country and the world!!! we are more good people working hard and keep going forward!!!

  23. Ray says:

    I’m not in a swing state so for the presidential election my vote probably won’t matter, but I’ll be voting for more local positions.

    Honestly, I feel like they should go pure majority if a candidate doesn’t get the necessary 270, instead of letting the House of Representatives decide. It will at least make it seem like every vote matters.

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