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Wal-Mart’s Three Shopper Types

A New York Times article today discussed how Wal-Mart’s new marketing strategy [3] would put each of its 200 million customers into one of the following three groups: “brand aspirationals,” “price-sensitive affluents” and “value-price shoppers.” Brand aspirationals are those folks who have low incomes but are absolutely in love with brand names, they give the example of KitchenAid. Price-sensitive affluents are shoppers who have more money but love them deals. Finally, the third group, the value-price shoppers, are those consumers who like low prices and can’t afford much more.

I would say I’m a price-sensitive value-pricer myself, I like getting a good deal on something and I like low prices; I would also say that I have an above average income compared to the country as a whole but I’m average for my demographic so I wouldn’t say that I’m either wealth or “unable to afford much more.” I’d call my category, price-sensitive value-pricing realist (Brand names don’t do it for me).

So, which are you? Or do you think you don’t fit in one of those broad (but not that broad) categories… what would you name your category?