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Want To Be A Guest Blogger?

I’m no longer on vacation and am no longer asking for guest posts, thanks!

I’ll be going to the wonderful world of Disney on Sunday through Tuesday and was wondering if anyone would be interested in penning some articles while I’m absent. I’ve never had too many guest bloggers and have usually just written up some articles, post-dated them, and gone on my merry way but I wanted to give this a try if anyone is at all interested. This could be a nice little test drive for when I’ll be away to Lake Tahoe at the end of July.

So, if you’re interested in writing one (or more) articles to be published on my humble blog, please send them to me via my contact form [3]. I can make no promises as to what I’ll publish but you’ve seen the quality here, it’s pretty low, so if you can rub two words together you should give it a shot! There will be no monetary compensation but if you yourself are a blogger I can offer you only a link and attribution for your work. Please send it to me by noon or so on Saturday, June 3rd.