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Want To Blog But Too Scared To Try?

She’s back from vacation, no guest writers needed anymore.

Dawn of Frugal for Life is going on vacation for ten days and is looking for some guest bloggers (link gone). All you need to do is submit an article about frugal living, have it be under a thousand words, and be willing to work with Dawn to polish up your piece. If you’re a frugal blogger looking for a megaphone (I would’ve said gigantuaphone but I don’t think that’s a real word) with which to spread some of your best ideas, this is your chance. If you’re just a regular old citizen of the ‘net who has a good idea you want to share, now’s the time to dip your toes into the blogging world. The deadline for submissions is May 1st so you have some time to mull it over.

On a frugal note, Canadian Capitalist has posted the Festival of Frugality [3] so if you’re interested in some tips for frugal living give it a whirl.