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Watch out: Car vandalism spikes on Halloween

If you have a garage attached to your house or access to a parking garage you may want to take advantage of it to protect your car tonight. Halloween is the worst day of the year for acts of car vandalism, according to a recent analysis [3] by the Highway Data Loss Institute.

A car in an average American city is almost twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween as on a typical night, with attacks typically resulting in damage like slashed tires and smashed windows. That damage is costly for insurance companies, resulting in claims that average $1,528 apiece. And since most people typically have to pay a decent-sized deductible when they make a claim, it’s probably pretty costly for car owners as well.

While any day is a great day for car vandalism in Philadelphia, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties, the top 3 counties for incidents in the U.S., watch the heck out tonight if you live in Atlantic County, N.J.; Chittenden County, Vt.; and Tom Green County, Texas. Car vandalism spikes by more than 400 percent in those counties on Halloween, according to the data.

Something I found surprising: the second biggest day behind Halloween for the most car vandalism is the Fourth of July, because nothing celebrates the legacy of our enlightened forefathers like spray painting obscenities on your neighbor’s minivan. Actually, summer is in general a pretty terrible time to be a car window; the HDLS analysis cites “alcohol, teenagers being out of school, and warmer weather” as risk factors that may contribute to the spike in incidents during the summer season. Vandalism is also more likely to occur on weekends than weekdays, which is what you’d expect given that’s when you finally have time to make it to the baseball-bat-and-spray-paint store.

What do you think? Do you worry about vandalism on Halloween?

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