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How to Watch Television for Free (or Nearly Free)

Cable television can cost $50 or $60 for a basic list of channels up to $150 to $175 a month for a deluxe package with many of the premier movie channels. You can’t even watch the free broadcast channels without a basic cable subscription unless you have purchased a digital converter box or have a newer television. However, there are many ways you can watch television for free, without having to spend $600 to $2,100 a year to do so.

Use a digital converter box

If your television viewing wants and needs are simpler, consider getting a digital converter box if your t.v. is an older model. (Newer models already have the converter built in.) These devices run about $50 and allow you to get all of the network stations as well as their substations.

Wait to watch your favorite shows until they come out on DVD

If you don’t have an urgent need to see your favorite show during the broadcast season, you can simply wait to watch the entire season when it comes out on DVD.  If you are very patient, you can rent these for free at the local library. Otherwise, consider a Netflix subscription. Netflix charges $7.99 a month to stream to your computer (or your networked media device, if you have one), and then you can choose to add on a one DVD out at a time subscription for an additional $7.99.

Watch your favorite shows on the Internet

Many television shows are shown in their entirety on the Internet.

Stream your favorite shows to your own T.V.

Do you want to have the full television viewing experience and watch your favorite shows on your television? You can with a networked media device and a basic subscription to a viewing service.

Although subscription prices to streaming services vary, once you have the networked media device, you should start to recoup your investment quickly because cable television is so expensive.

There are many options available now to watch your favorite television shows. You can find the majority of your shows through one of the options listed above; the only caveat is that you may not be able to watch your favorite sports programming. However, there is always a sports bar or your friend’s couch, right?