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Could Your Water Bill Triple in the Next Few Years?

Most of us take cleaning drinking water for granted. You turn on the tap, and out comes the water. It’s generally safe to drink, and usually clean. Most of us just assume that the water will be there; few of us think about the delivery system in place.

However, the delivery system for our water is becoming an issue. As our population grows, our water system needs to expand. On top of that, there are areas where water systems are old and in need of repair. As the needs of our drinking water system change, there will be costs involved. Indeed, CNN Money [3] reports that expanding and repairing the water system will likely cost upward of $1 trillion between now and 2035.

For many Americans, these upgrades and expansions are likely to hit them in the pocketbook. According to the CNN Money article, some consumers could see their water bills double, and even perhaps triple, over the next few years. What you pay will largely depend on your location, and what needs to be done with your local water system — and how badly off it is. (It’s also worth noting that water infrastructure may not be the only cost in coming years; our power infrastructure and roads also need upgrading in many areas.)

Conserving Water

While conserving water is always a good idea for reducing household costs as well as living more sustainably, it might become even more important in the coming years as water prices increase to help pay the costs associated with improving the delivery system. Here are some ideas to help you conserve water and save money:

A lot of small conservation steps can add up over time to hundreds in savings, and this will be especially true if your water bill goes up in the near future.

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