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Ways Online Video Can Save You Money

YouTube started as a fun way for people to share their videos, but it didn’t take long for it to change into an online resource that can help support your hobbies and help you to save money.  Now, there are many other video sites on the Internet that can save you literally hundreds of dollars every year.  If you don’t think it is possible, consider all of these sites that can help you save some serious cash:

YouTube—Started in 2005 by three friends who used to work at PayPal, YouTube now streams 4 billion videos per day, according to Wikipedia [3].   While you can certainly find fluff and even offensive videos of crimes such as beatings being committed, there are many videos specifically designed to help consumers.  Recently my space bar was sticking on my laptop.  Instead of taking it in to be repaired, I watched a few YouTube videos and fixed it myself.  Another blogger reported that her husband fixed their kitchen sink plumbing by watching how to do it on YouTube.

Besides saving you on repair bills, YouTube can also teach you how to do any number of money saving things such as grow your own garden, treat pests in your garden, and prepare cheap food (I love Clara’s Depression Era Cooking [4]).

Have kids who love their favorite shows but you don’t want to pay for cable?  Watch them on YouTube.

Hulu—Thanks to Hulu, many have found the strength to cut their cable dependency and save themselves $30 to $60 or more a month.  Hulu remains one of the core ways to get your favorite television shows for free [5].

VideoJug—With the motto, “Get good at life,” VideoJug [6] offers over 60,000 how to videos.  Topics range from beauty and style to money and careers to sports and outdoors.  Just like YouTube, topics range from fluff such as “How to Survive Shopping with Your Boyfriend” to more practical videos such as “How to Make Thai Green Chicken Curry” and “How to Build a Brick Wall.”

FreeVideoLectures—Don’t have the money to go to college, but you would like to still learn more?  Check out Free Video Lectures [7] where their motto is “bringing education to all.”  Many colleges, including prestigious ones such as Harvard and MIT, offer several series of lectures online in video form covering subjects ranging from accounting to ocean engineering to web design.

Investopedia—Do you want to learn more about finances?  Of course, Bargaineering is a great place to start, but if you want to watch video lessons to learn about topics such as Real Estate Investment Trusts and the Head and Shoulders Pattern, Investopedia [8] is the place to go.  The videos aren’t the most sophisticated, but they will help you understand investing and personal finance in greater depth.

Taste of Home—Don’t know how to cook?  You could be spending a lot on prepared meals and dinners out.  Instead, follow along with some Taste of Home videos [9] and learn to cook simple but yummy meals.  You could easily save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year by making your own food at home.

We live in a wonderful time.  For the cost of monthly Internet service, you can learn how to do your own repairs and home improvement projects as well as save money doing things like gardening and cooking.  Want to go to school but don’t have the time or money?  Check out some of the video courses available from Ivy League schools like Harvard.

What are your favorite video resources that help you to save money?