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Week In Review

Here are some articles I found interesting this week:

Five Cent Nickel has a followup about withdrawing Roth contributions [3], they may make you ineligible for extra “saver’s credit” in the future!

Flexo gives a recap of the latest bank interest rate increases [4].

JLP talks about a new scam [5] he read about in a book he was reading. It basically involves a scammer getting a mailing list and sending one half of them a hot tip to sell. He/she then sends a tip to the other half to buy. With the half he’s right with, he does it again and again until they trust him enough to invest money with him. Then BAM!

FMF has a two part interview with Pamela Lenehan [6], Author of What You Don’t Know and Your Boss Won’t Tell You [7].

MBH links to a story about how a woman stranded her friend [8] she left as a “deposit” for gas. Apparently she got gas, couldn’t pay for it, and then left her friend there to get cash but never came back.