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Weekend Linkfest

Five Cent Nickel found an interesting bit on the relationship between FICO scores and delinquency rates [3].

MightyBargainHunter has been on a coin collecting kick lately and this week he discusses cracking open uncirculated $1 coins [4] (the new ones they just released).

Flexo is finding that his February electricity bill spiked [5], $236 to heat 700 sq. ft. of space! Yikes.

Hate taxes? FMF writes an interesting tip for dealing with large capital gains taxes [6].

JLP has an interesting follow up to his Dave Ramsey mortgage post [7], a response from an employee of Dave Ramsey.

LAMoneyGuy warns that you should check your gift card balances after you buy it [8] because mistakes happen, in his case the giver was charged $50 but the card was only set with $25… a magic $25 profit for the company!

Golbguru has an great tip for you 0% balance transfer arbitragers out there, multiple credit requests from an existing creditor don’t count against your credit score [9]. There are other gems in there but that one was the most useful ones for me.