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Weekend Mish-Mash

Welcome to yet another installment of the weekend roundup mish-mash style:

5centnickel’s been freeloading off the work of others. This time, it’s frugal at 1stMillionAt33 with My First Encounter with the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) [3]… in fact, don’t go to fivecentnickel, go to frugal’s site [4] instead. 🙂

I think Clinton and Gates are going to make out [5] but I’m interested to hear your entry for CC’s latest caption contest.

MBH talks about his local grocery calling it quits [6]… the supermarket business has woefully low margins, it’s amazing small guys survive.

FMF writes about how to evaluate a company’s management [7], it’s a good article.

Are you 16? Are you saving for your retirement [8]? Why not!?!?