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Weekend Personal Finance Reads

Flexo warns that you shouldn’t be chasing trends [3] when it comes to investing.

Nickel maxed out his Roth IRAs [4] (his and his wife’s), if you haven’t done so already you don’t need to worry, you have until April 15th to max out for 2006.

JLP talks about how fixed rate mortgages are back [5], which isn’t terribly surprising. A lot of folks are now realizing how ARMs work and how interest rates were rising so they refinanced for the predictability, so it’s expected that this would be happening.

FMF has a listing of all the types of insurance you probably need [6].

If you honestly thought about melting pre-1982 pennies, I think you’re a fool. But now it’s also illegal to melt coins [7] reports MBH.