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Weekend Reading – March 11th, 2006

Get some reading done this weekend before spring has sprung and you feel compelled to go outside! 🙂

Five Cent Nickel has started something interesting with his polls, this week’s poll is on how many credit card accounts you have [3] and over 250 people have voted (or Nickel’s voted 250 times).

JLP retells a story of the dangers of hedge funds [4], specifically how they can do anything and there’s little oversight.

MBH is quitting his job [5].

FMF lists five jobs [6] that Career Builder claims will experience a huge shortage. I’ve met a lot of nurses and between the grueling schedule and the educational demands, it’s hard to be a nurse so it’s no surprise that it’s #1 on the list. That and it’s hard not to hear about the nurse shortage these days.

Flexo of Consumerism Commentary writes about an article he read that presented the most convincing argument for moving to an area with a lower cost of living [7]. The crux of the argument involves taxes.

Jonathan of MyMoneyBlog discusses his current portfolio [8], providing both a snapshot and some thoughts.

NCN “fails” in his Cash Only Experiment and shares his experience [9]. He’s going to give it a whirl next month.

LAMoneyGuy of It’s Just Money runs into a common personal finance funds, one of his red accounts is above one of his green accounts [10]… and he’s not using one to pay the other [11]. Until now.

And, Madame X of My Open Wallet went to one of David Bach’s promotional marketing events [12] where he was giving away one of 750,000 copies of The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner [13].