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Weekend Reading

Have kids? Hate taxes? Raising4Boys has a little Q&A about the 2006 Child Tax Credit [3] that may be of interest. JLP writes about how it might take a million dollars to raise a kid [4]?

In other news, Nickel has the Citi Driver’s Edge card and if you’re looking for the Citi Driver’s Edge Mileage redemption form [5], he has detailed directions. Flexo’s woes with TIAA-CREF is echoed by readers [6].

Want to earn more money? Sure, we all do. With MightyBargainHunter, learn how to get a 400% return [7] on some things you can find in your coach.

Last week I wrote about the four “teams” I have in FMF’s March Madness tournament [8] and the results for two of my games Round 1 have been announced:

Round 1, Game 6 – WIN!
In a resounding win over Counter-Intuitive [9], my post Understanding Your Financial Fortress [10] moved to the second round and now it faces my friend and MBN compatriot’s post, Ten Unconventional Uses for the Penny [11], in a battle that hopefully won’t but probably will come down to the wire. Comment in your vote for Round Two 9-16 [12] to help push Financial Fortress to the next level, thanks!

Round 1, Game 24 – WIN!
This doozy pitted How To Invest With Only $100 [13] against Five Cent Nickel’s family blog, Raising4Boys, and their article on Buying Legos on the Cheap [14]. It was a hard fought battle that came down to the wire but my post came out on top. Yet another downed MBNer…

Lastly, if you’re interested in seeing some of my thoughts on ethics and money (sort of), as well as the thoughts of Trent and JD, Grad Money Matters interviewed us [15]. A start to a happy ending for one Powerball winner [16], Brad Duke who won in 2005, is not something you read every day – as he says, most end up destitute or dead within a few years.