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Weekend Roundup: They’re Back!

For those who follow my Twitter account @bargainr [3], you get treated to interesting links as I find them throughout the day. Many of them are personal finance in nature, some of them are not, but I hope everyone finds them somewhere in the spectrum of entertaining and educational.

Well, not everyone is on Twitter (let’s be honest, it’s a huge time sink) so I thought it would be best if we revived Weekend roundups with some of these interesting links sprinkled in!

Before we begin, I want to pay homage to a bookmarklet I recently discovered – Readability [4] With a click on a bookmark, you can turn any page into something slightly prettier and easier to read. May I recommend you load up this page on the four stages of burnout [5], put it through Readability, and read it. The article is important but it’s difficult to read sans serif, black text on a brown background.

Here are this week’s gems:

Finally, this has nothing to do with anything… except it’s a cool way to do browser speed testing [16]. By the way, Chrome, the browser I happen to use, is the one being tested against a potato, sound, and lightning.