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Weekly Blog Roundup

Do you want a Spring cell phone plan for a mere $20? Read about how anyone can take part in the Sprint Employee Referral Offer [3] on Hustler Money.

Nickel shares some of his experiences with drawing up an estate plan [4].

MBH continues the discussion of how much is your time worth [5] and believes that “it depends.” (which I agree with)

Flexo writes about the new dollar coins [6] the Mint is about to release.

FMF shares some of the comments on his post about the purpose of tithing [7].

Last but not least, being a Financial Advisor, JLP is in a knowledgeable (albeit conflicted) position to give advice on what a fair amount to pay for financial advice is [8]. While shelling out $150-$200 for advice is a little steep from my mid-twenties “never talked with an advisor” mentality, he is correct in that if it can save you thousands in mistakes, it’s clearly worth it. But when they say that monkeys with darts can out pick experts, it’s a little difficult to justify paying more than a handful of bananas… right?