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Weekly PF Blogarific Roundup

If you’ve ever booked a room with Hotels.com, Flexo has some news… credit card numbers and names of 234,000 customers were stolen [3] from an Ernst & Young employee (they were on a password protected laptop) in February. I want to know why the E&Y employee even had credit card numbers on the PC in the first place, is it necessary? No.

MBH is the latest to talk about Prosper.com [4].

FMF discusses some energy saving tips [5] as well as how much the average person spends on what in terms of energy. I recently implemented his last tip – “Substitute compact fluorescent bulbs for incandescents” with positive results [6].

Nickel talks about the drop in fuel mileage [7] with the recent implementation of E85 ethanol blended gasoline. While a little is expected, 1-2%, some have experienced 20% drops!

JLP’s question of the day is “How Many Times Do You Eat Out Each Month? [8]

LAMoneyGuy reviews some stock market adages [9], I hadn’t heard some of these before.

JD starts an interesting discussion about organic produce [4] and how some people don’t have the option of choosing, based on their own belief system, what types of food they buy.