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Weekly Roundup

Nickel, by doing nothing, joined in a class action suit against Zurich Direct [3] which settled recently. His take? $2.52. Drinks on Nickel!

FMF reviewed The Real Guide to Making Millions Through Real Estate [4], giving it 6 out of a possible 10 if you’re interested in real estate. He only gave it 3 stars if you were just looking for another personal finance book to educate yourself on (I’d argue that you probably shouldn’t read a book so fantastically bullish on real estate for that).

JLP goes through how to calculate the expected return on a portfolio [5].

MBH shares his thoughts on dollar cost averaging [6].

ING Direct has your 1099-INTs available online, Flexo has instructions [7] on how to get them.

Jose Anes draws an analogy between the work dynamics of today and those of medieval times [8]. If you read nothing else from this list, read this post.

Lastly, a lot of bloggers have recently spent a lot more time on the finance part of personal finance and less on the personal side (myself included), so I think that this post by Donna on putting the personal back in personal finance [9] is quite timely and accurate.