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Weekly Roundup: Interviews

Posted By Jim On 07/19/2008 @ 5:45 pm In Personal Finance | 1 Comment

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Tess Vigeland [3] of American Public Media’s Marketplace Money show [4], BeingFrugal.net’s Lynnae [5] and Steve of Brip Blap [6] for an upcoming segment on personal finance bloggers. It was a lot of fun and an honor to participate in a show that I listen to every week (I listen to the Morning Edition and daily show every day, Money is only on during the weekends) and a lot of fun to chat with Lynnae and Brip Blap . I don’t know when it’ll appear but I’ll keep you all posted.

Why not start the roundup right with a couple posts from Lynnae and Steve? Steve’s latest post is about work life balance [7]. We deal with it here as well, my wife has a 40 minute commute that artificially inflates her “at work” time by an hour and a half each way. Fortunately her office is moving to a new facility five minutes away, but for many the answer isn’t that easy.

Lynnae has a great vacation tip for her Tightwad Tuesday series: rent a vacation home [8]. You pay a little more but you get a lot more than if you go the regular hotel route.

I also had a little three question interview with Shark Investor [9] in which I bared my soul, shared all the secrets I knew, and gave away money. I actually didn’t do any of that but I did answer three questions and had a good time doing it, go check it out.

Preparation Is Crucial
What separates the people who are financially successful and those that find themselves always mired in debt? Preparation. Money Saving Mom is a blog I just discovered that I absolutely love. Besides compiling all the great couponing deals in an easy to read manner, she’s also what I consider financially successful. I have no idea what her bank account balance is but it’s not important because of how she responded to a negative comment on her site. A commenter lambasted her about van and how she should just buy a new car [10]. She could buy a new car, but she hadn’t planned or prepared for it… so it’s not going to happen. “But here’s the deal: while we have money in our bank account, we don’t have money saved or allotted for a new vehicle or even a used vehicle.” That thinking separates those that are financially successful and those mired in debt.

Do Not Mix Business With Friends
A post on Alpha Consumer caught my eye this week, it was a sad story of a friendship gone wrong in a business transaction [11]. If you want a legal perspective on the case, Kim called on Kathryn Dickerson, a partner at Smolen Plevy, a Vienna, Va., law firm.

If you want my opinion, it’s that if you mix friendship with business, be very clear in expectations and get everything in writing to avoid conflicts. I’ve heard many a story where friends thought there was an understanding… until there wasn’t, because nothing was written down and memories fade.

Unlimited Usually Doesn’t Work Out
We, as human beings, are really bad at predicting usage and so this Consumerist article about NYC Unlimited Metrocards [12], which is highlighting a NYTimes article, isn’t that surprising. We usually overestimate how much we plan on using something and so the a la carte option, of paying as you go, may usually work out better than the unlimited option. Ahhh we are so predictably irrational [13]!

Here are a few other great posts in the blogosphere you should check out:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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