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Weekly Roundup: Renaissance Festival

Every year the Renaissance Festival, or RennFest as the folks in the costumes like to call it, comes to Crownsville, Maryland, and those folks in the costumes stop looking like weirdos and start looking almost normal again. I kid, I kid; it’s actually a lot of fun to go to the festival because it’s a nice opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, have a few drinks, and basically hang out with some of your friends. I think we’ve, my fiancée and I, gone two out of the three years we’ve been in the area and this year will be the first time that I’ll go without her (she’s currently in Alaska chasing polar bears and petting the little Inuits).

Oh, and I don’t know about anyone else but did it seem like this long weekend snuck up on you? With so few holiday days off, I usually can see them coming months in advance (because that’s how often they seem to occur) but Labor Day seemed to be upon us before I even knew it. I’m not complaining… it’s just weird.