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Welcome (Back) Marketplace Money Listeners!

Welcome, welcome, all of the great listeners of Marketplace Money!

For those of you who haven’t heard the podcast, Lynnae of BeingFrugal.net [3], Steve of Brip Blap [4], and I had the pleasure of chatting once again with Tess Vigeland of Marketplace Money [5] and it was a blast, yet again. The last time we chatted, it was about personal finance blogging [6], this time the topic was the financial chaos of these past few weeks and how things may be going forward. The entire show is available here [7] and our discussion is here [8] (clip recap [9]).

If you only listen to our clip, you should consider listening to the whole radio show because there’s a piece where Stephen Hoffman interviews some children on the economic crisis [10]. It’s absolutely adorable and priceless. They’re in Chicago and there’s one girl who says she’d resort to buying stuff in another country… like Detroit!

About Me & BFP

If, after my answers, you’re curious as to who I am, I discuss a little about myself and this site on the About page [11]. I try to touch on all personal finance topics from banking to frugality, the stock market to saving for a home, and everything in between. If it deals with our money, how to save more of it, how to spend less of it (and still maintain a happy lifestyle), then chances are I’ll touch on it. If I don’t, tell me about it and I’ll try! And if you ever want to reach me, you can email me at the address in the upper right or use this handy contact form [12]. Thanks!

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