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Welcome Business Week Online Readers!

If you came from Business Week, you likely read my quote about The Money Blogs and Karyn’s lukewarm 2.5 star review [3] of the site (if you came here first and plan to read the article, my quote is on page two). To expand a little about my experiences with The Money Blogs, Brice contacted me when he was just creating the site and asked me whether I wanted to syndicate some of my content. In return for my content, I would get ‘exposure’ because my work would be put before the eyes of many readers (I have no doubt The Money Blog can drive traffic) and they could, in turn, become loyal readers. That sounded great until I started poking around the site and saw exactly what I told Karyn, links back to the blog only appeared on the author’s about page. Usually you will see aggregators link back to the article in some prominent position, say in the title, but to relegate the link back to the author’s page is a little too much. In return for a hundred articles, you would get one link in The Money Blog’s setup. If you were so prolific as to write a thousand articles, you would still get only one link on a page that likely will never earn much authority in the eyes of any search engine. What do they get? User generated quality content that they can use to build readership and sell advertising. It’s a win – WIN for everyone involved.

I’m usually not such a negative Nancy so please enjoy the rest of the site where I don’t do a whole bunch of complaining and whining. 🙂