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Welcome Connie!

Last week, I had the pleasure of introducing Gary Bonner [3], who will be giving his perspective on current personal finance issues, and this week I have the pleasure of introducing Connie Brooks. Connie is a personal finance blogger and author about to release her first book – How to Retire Comfortably and Happy on Less Money Than the Financial Experts Say You Need: Insider Secrets to Spending Less While Living More [4]. She regularly blogs at ThriftyMamas.com and recently started a family with the addition of a baby girl.

Much like how Gary will bring a different point of view, a more seasoned perspective on issues, I asked Connie to join us in order to tackle the issues my family hopes to take in the coming years: starting a family. Our friends recently had a baby girl as well and the whole experience, seen from the sidelines, seemed so complicated and … well, scary!

So, seeing as how I advocated planning for the future [5], why not begin the planning process by reading some articles from someone who just went through it? That’s where Connie steps in. 🙂

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for articles discussing all the intricacies and particulars about starting a family from how to include a child in your future financial planning to the “real cost” of having a baby to discussions of baby food and disposable diapers. Everything dealing with starting a family is on the table and Connie has some phenomenal ideas on what to tackle (we have a list of nearly fifty topics and that’s just the beginning!).

We’ll be keeping the posting frequency at about one article every two weeks and I hope you all will get as much value out of this as I do! (if you want to see more, do let us know!)