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Welcome John Hines & KTLK-FM Listeners!

A hearty welcome to those of you awake and listening 7:06 Minnesota local time to The Morning Show with John Hines on KTLK-FM radio and glad you were able to find the site. As John mentioned, I’m just a regular guy writing about regular personal finance stuff from an amateur’s point of view. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong, but most of the time I’m close enough so that readers like you can correct, reinforce, or add to the discussion so that all of us learn about these topics together. Ahhh the power of citizen media!

While the discussion with John Hines focused more on the article I wrote about the 7 Unwritten & Often Forgotten Credit Card Secrets [3], this blog covers much more than that. John mentioned a few other topics I hit such as searching for a home [4] but the site covers everything I’ve dealt with from a money perspective. For example, I’m getting married soon and one of the most popular posts on this site is whether Married Couples Should Combine Finances [5]… so you can see the chronology of this site very much mirrors my life.

So, you’re not 27, about to be married, and just settled into your new home, can you get anything out of this? Of course! I write about topics that aren’t necessary pertinent to me now but may come in handy some day, such as this post briefly talking about 529 plans [6] (I have no kids). I also answer reader questions such as the one I mentioned on-air with John, about the reader who asked whether he needed a credit card [7] (he already has a condo, is doing great, no he doesn’t need one).

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Ultimately, I’m just a regular person just like you facing the regular problems that you do, so feel free to send me an email [9] (I love email!) if you have a question, comment, or to just say hello. 🙂