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Welcome New York Times Readers

I’d like to welcome all the visitors from the New York Times to my humble blog. As you may have read in the article by Elizabeth [3] (scan of the print version [4], courtesy of Neville [5], also archived by a UMSL student [6] or… resort to BugMeNot [7]), this blog is about personal finance and I’ve tried to write in a way that someone clueless about money could understand. I would like to take this time to highlight some of my more interesting posts below, because sometimes they’re hard to find in the maze of archives:

All the tracking of my net worth is reported in this series of articles [8]. I’m in no way trying to show off, which is why I didn’t add net worth until after a few months in at the request of some readers, but I’m just trying to show you how my financial decisions impact the big picture. Just as with anything online, take my numbers with a grain of salt because I could’ve miscalculated or my interpretation of net worth may be higher or lower than the consensus belief of what net worth should include.

Buying A Home [9] – This is a journal, day by day, of how I went about buying my first (and only) home. It lists each article I wrote along with a little blurb as to what it’s about. It includes my thoughts from before I “hired” a buying agent to after I physically moved in. I think it’s pretty comprehensive, albeit long, but a good read for novice homebuyers. I learned a lot by writing it. I’ve also begun writing a series of articles, which I call a homebuying autopsy [10], where I review where I went wrong and what I could’ve improved.

Is AAA Worth It? [11] – was and still is one of the most commented on articles I’ve ever written. I was debating whether or not to keep AAA service and lots of people weighed in. Despite all the positive comments (they were practically all in favor of keeping AAA), I went with the almighty dollar and nixed it.

The Beauty of Mutual Funds [12] – One of my earlier articles, it’s the first one that ever had an external link to it from another blogger, JLP (a financial Planner in Texas) of AllThingsFinancial [13], who thought it was a good explanation of mutual funds. I also interviewed him [14] (he’s a really friendly guy).

If you’d like to subscribe to the RSS Feed, you can do so with the buttons at the top right of the screen, and if you’d like to send me a personal message please feel free to use this contact form [15] (I try to respond to messages within 24 hours). Thank you for visiting, enjoy your stay, and hope to see you back in the future!

[Oh, and if you’re from HP, I could use a new laptop! :)]