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Welcome Smart Money Readers

Welcome to any Smart Money readers who may have found their way to this site after reading Will Swarts’ The 1040 Is a Great Tool for Planning [3] article. Unfortunately there wasn’t a live link but I’m glad you still made it. Three weeks ago Will Swarts called me up about a post I wrote several years ago about how to use your 1040 as a planning tool [4] and we had a pleasant half hour chat about what it was I meant. Essentially the article just points out line items on the form that might be of interest if you’re doing your own financial planning. For example, line 49 is for education credits, did you know about all the tax breaks you can get for continuing your education? If not, line 49 is a great introduction to the keywords and phrases you’ll need to know if you plan on doing some continued research.

I hope you enjoy your stay, poke around at all the signs and sounds, and if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to contact me [5].