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Welcome TheStreet.com Readers

I wanted to welcome the folks who came to the site after reading about it in James Altucher [3]‘s RealMoney’s Blog Watch column today (Thanks James!). James is right, I do detail my month-to-month (it was minute by minute but that was a little too frequent and quite honestly, not that many people care anyway… unless they’re looking for me to pick up the bar tab) net worth as many other personal finance bloggers do and that’s not to show off, we’re sort of like an online comfort group trying to figure out the intricacies of money together.

That being said, there’s a group of us that formed a “network” of blogs (FiveCentNickel [4], MightyBargainHunter [5], ConsumerismCommentary [6], FreeMoneyFinance [7]& AllFinancialMatters [8]) called the Money Blog Network [9] and if you want to get a feel for what we’re doing, one of those blogs would be my first click after this one. If none of those interest you, I’d vouch for any one of the blogs linked to on that sidebar to the left and invite you to give some of those a gander.

If you want to reach me for anything, I have a handy dandy relatively pain-free contact form [10] you can use. I am a nice guy (here’s some more about me [11]) and love to get email.

For those of you who came here first and are curious what was in TheStreet.com article, you can read the full article here [12] but it is premium content and requires a membership (there’s a free 30-day trial). The column kicked off with this paragraph about the blog and then moved on to a few others:

The blog Blueprint for Financial Prosperity [13] details (and I mean, DETAILS) the minute by minute net worth of “jim” (at my last check, it was $115,365.77). The post I linked to can almost be considered a meta-post in that part of the increase of his net worth last month was due to the blog itself and the advertising he was able to sell on it. Go Jim!

Thanks for visiting!