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Welcome Yahoo! Finance Readers!

I wanted to extend a big hearty welcome to everyone who has come to this blog because they read Karyn McCormack article about the Best Blogs for the Young and Broke [3] that was recently appeared on Yahoo! Finance [4]. I mentioned to Karyn that I see my blog as a brain dump of my financial life, part journal and part guide for those who will inevitably run into the same headaches I ran into. I’m not a financial professional by any means, I’m just a guy who graduated three years ago and runs into the same sorts of problems everyone goes through in the game of life.

If this is your first trip Blueprint, the quickest way to learn a little about me is, of course, the About Me page [5]. Two great resources that I have on my site is my blow by blow chronicles of my home buying experience [6] (which ended last year) and the schedule of the Festival of Frugality [7], a weekly listing of the best posts relating to frugal living. Finally, if you want to check out some interviews I’ve held with some of the younger personal finance bloggers out there, I invite you to check out the PFBlogger Spotlight [8].

Those are the highlights, as for the more mundane, in the right sidebar you’ll see the recent comments as well as a listing of the most popular posts by comment. The top two articles there have seen some spirited discussions and they are about Costco’s Return Policy [9] and Why U-Haul Is Freaking Awful [10]. If you’re interested in getting the RSS syndication feed, there are some buttons on the right that will easily add them to the reader of your choice.

As always, if you want to reach me, feel free to email me [11]!