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Western Union Is A Scammers Best Friend

Back in college I bought a bunch of DVDs from a reputable eBay seller located in Canada for what I thought was a great price. We’re talking Wal-Mart type prices for new releases and it was from a seller that had positive feedback in the high hundreds, what I would consider a relatively reputable seller. So, I win three auctions or so for about $200 or so, quite a sum for someone in college; and I foolishly sent a practically untrackable Western Union money order to a guy in Canada. So, after I discovered this guy was basically scamming me, I tried to get some recourse. Well, Western Union told me that the money order is gone when cashed and the guy had already cashed it, I was crap out of luck with Western Union. I tried to appeal to my credit card company but they said that my charge with them was for a money order, which I received; unfortunately they couldn’t help me. I eventually was told that I had to contact Canadian officials for mail or wire fraud if I wanted resolution, yeah good luck with that.

Basically, a Western Union money order is no different than any other money order, there is basically absolutely no reason why you would buy a money order from Western Union in the first place! In fact, the use of Western Union as a means of ripping people off, through no fault of Western Union themselves, has gotten so widespread that it’s practically a flashing red light that a scam is going on. In those situations, those were people desperate for a loan who paid a fee in advance (bad idea) and were ripped off.

Don’t ever send a money order (Western Union or otherwise) to anyone you don’t know… you’re begging to get burned.