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WGES – Alternative to BG&E

If you’re in Maryland then you know that on July 1st your energy bill is going to spike up around 71%, Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES) is an alternative to Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) and they’re offering 10% off BG&E summer rates and 3% non-summer rates for a period of one year if you agree to a one year contract, effective July 1st. “You’ll continue to receive emergency service and one bill for all your electricity charges from BGE. When you choose WGES, there is no interruption of service and no connection charge. If you are on BGE’s budget plan, you may continue to budget your charges.” (website [3]) The little discount will help ease the brunt of the rate hike blow on July 1st… and none of the other companies listed in my searches appeared to give such a discount.

What’s also nice is that 5% of WGES’s electricity is generated from wind, a nice thing to see. The only fine print [4] that I found worth noting, and this isn’t surprising, is a $75 early termination fee and a 45 day notification window prior to service cancellation. The early termination fee is waived if you are moving.

WGES may not be available where you are, here is a search tool [5] provided by the Maryland Public Service Commission.