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What $300,000 + Will Buy You in Howard Co. (Baltimore)

That was the title of the post in which JLP posted a picture of a gorgeous house located in Houston [3]. While I doubt he intended for something like this to go viral, I think it’s a fun comparative game along the lines of Cap’s What’s In Your Wallet so let’s see what $300,000 can buy you in Howard County, a county south of Baltimore and the one in which I live.

This house [4] (above, and you only get the one in the middle) is listed at a hair shy of $300k, compare it with JLP’s listed house (below) and you can start to see how undervalued one place is or how overvalued another place is. The home listed is also in Jessup, which is one of the more moderately/reasonably priced cities of Howard County.

If you post about what $300k can get you, email me [5], and I’ll add you to this linklist below: