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Your Take: What is Your Money Vice?

We all have one. We all have that hobby we know we spend too much money on. Maybe you drop a paycheck or two every time you walk into Williams Sonoma [3] because of some gadget you have to have. Or your spending goes unchecked on vacation, picking up trinkets and souvenirs from your getaways. Perhaps you’re a gadget hound and are the first on your block to get the latest electronic gizmo.

Whatever it is… you know you have one and I want to know what it is. 🙂

My vice, without a doubt, is on vacations. My wife and I love going on vacations (hence our new labor of love, travel blog Wanderlust Journey [4]!) and when we do, we like to eat at nice restaurants, visit all the nice sights, and buy a few souvenirs along the way. We aren’t the knick knack types, but my wife loves sending postcards and I love making sure she actually gets around to sending them from the country on the face of the card!

One caveat, we do budget (a little) on our trips. We set a total trip budget that is usually very large, divide it up by the number of days, and then run with it. This keeps up a little grounded while we’re in a totally fun and foreign place. Trip budgets, in general, are usually high because they include things you don’t normally think about in a budget, like your lodging and all of your meals. I like to set our trip budgets high because I know I like to spend. If you’re going to pay so much for a flight somewhere, you might as well maximize the fun while you’re there!

So out with it… what’s your money vice?

(Photo: Wanderlust Journey [5])