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What Players Earn for Winning Baseball World Series

This doesn’t really have much to do with personal finance, other than it includes a few numbers, but I figured since we were knee deep in the baseball post-season, why not do something fun? Ever wonder what players get for winning the World Series?

Winning the World Series is prize enough for the players involved but did you know that they also get a cash payout too? In fact, if you play in the playoffs at all, you will get paid whether you win or lose. Obviously, the further you advance, the greater the cash payout is.

Player’s Pool

60% of the total gate receipts form the first four World Series Games, 60% of the total gate receipts from the first four games of the American League Championship and National League Championship, and 60% of the total gate receipts of the first three games of each of the four Division series are put into a “Player’s Pool.”

Payout Schedule

That pool is distributed to players as follows:

In 2008, each Philadelphia Phillies player was paid $351,504.48 for winning the World Series and each Tampa Bay Rays player pocketed $223,390.05. The record payout for a winner was back in 2006 when the St. Louis Cardinals took the trophy and $362,173. To put that in perspective, in 1903 the winner’s share was a mere $1,182 (gate receipts courtesy of Baseball Almanac [3]).

On top of all that, players also get a championship ring valued at anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000 depending on how opulent the owner of the team is.

And if you’re named the World Series MVP? You get a car and a trip to Walt Disney World. 🙂

(Photo: design-dog [4])