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What Tax Bracket Am I In? [Calculator]

A lot of people have been reaching Bargaineering because they asked: “What tax bracket am I in?”

So, to solve this problem and to redirect people from other pages to this one, I’ve decided to offer up this simple to use calculator.

Enter your pre-tax, post-deduction (after your 401k contributions and medical expenses) salary and click “What bracket am I in?”

The calculator will spit out the marginal tax bracket you are in.

Handy Dandy Marginal Tax Bracket Finder

This calculator is based on 2009 tax bracket data.

Marital Status: Single
Married Filing Jointly
Your Salary:
Your Bracket:

This page has the current IRS federal income tax brackets [3] and remember, this is your marginal tax rate. Your actual marginal tax rate [4] may be lower based on deductions, exemptions, credits, etc.