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What Would You Do With $10,000?

After all those lottery [3] questions [4], this one probably made you think that I won the lottery and $10,000 huh? Well, no, this question was prompted by a question to Gerri and is the focus of her Gerri’s Top Tips [5] column for this week. The question itself is:

I am a 26-year-old professional. My parents just generously gave me $10,000. I want to use this money to begin saving for my retirement. I will contribute $4,000 to my Roth IRA. Any advice on what to do with the remaining $6,000?

Gerri recommends:

Yeah yeah, that’s pretty vanilla answers… and honestly they’re not that much fun. What would I do with $10,000?

Any of those ideas sound a lot more fun than a stock fund or an emergency fund… what would you do? (I mean fun things, not the boring/responsible stuff you tell your parents)