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Your Take: What Would You Like to Accomplish in Ten Years?

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Look into the future!Last week, I asked you what you’d tell yourself ten years ago. Today, I’m flipping the script… if you were visited by your future self, say ten years into the future, what would you like your future self to say about what you’ve accomplished the last ten years?

I would like my future self to tell me that I had started a family, started holding annual charitable events (much like my friend Scott and his very successful twice-annual Ghent Bar Tour), and built up Bargaineering to be a premier personal finance resource on the web. I’ve always measured success as a mixture of family, community, and career so to have reached those successes within ten years would be pretty exciting to hear. To top it all off, I’d like to know that I did it with hard work and determination mixed in with a little bit of luck, to help solidify what I learned the last ten years.

What would you like to accomplish in ten?

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23 Responses to “Your Take: What Would You Like to Accomplish in Ten Years?”

  1. Wojciech K says:

    My most important goal for the next 10 years is simply to find financial independence. The result will be an increased sense of security, more time with the family, and much less stress about the day to day of living.

  2. Scott says:

    Jim, I’m speechless and completely flattered. Thanks man.

    Next weekend at our summer event we hope to break $125k total raised for charity over the past 3.5 years. And Bargaineering has been a big part of that (longer than any of our other sponsors). It’s still hard for me to believe what this has all turned into. Let me know if you do get anything started in the next ten years – I’ll help you however you need me.

  3. Beth says:

    Wow. I find it really hard to answer this one. I’d like to be able to tell myself not to worry because the husband, kids, house, better job, volunteer opportunities and debt-free lifestyle are all coming — you just have to work hard and not lose hope.

    And learn to say “yes” a little more often. 🙂

  4. Jessica says:

    We plan on having enough money saved up in 1 year to pay cash for a house in Oregon (we currently live in Texas). The plans is that it’ll be the house we live in for the rest of our lives, even in retirement. Once we have the house, the plan is to start our family. We already have a college savings plan started for our future kiddos and max out our 401k’s every year so I guess once we accomplish the first two goals, the goal will be to enjoy life and sock as much away for retirement as possible.

  5. I want to have become educated enough to never miss a good opportunity because I didn’t see it.

    I want to be financially well-off enough to take advantage of each of these opportunities without worry.

    I want to have learned how best to share these opportunities with others so that they may partake in them as well.

  6. prufock says:

    I’d like my 38-year-old future self to tell me:

    – I paid off all my debt by the time I was thirty.
    – I solved the problem of inductive reasoning.
    – I’ve bought a house, and by renting out rooms or a basement apartment, I’m living virtually mortgage-free. I’m technically in debt, but it’s like having free rent, and I’m building equity!
    – I’ve slept with at least 10 different women, each of which allows me to cross off at least one feature on my “To Do” list.
    – I’m earning at least 50% more than I am right now.
    – My band is actually doing pretty well, better than I expected. Stick with it! We’ve recorded several EPs and a few full-length albums. And radio play! We can pretty much play anywhere locally that we want to, and have even done some touring.
    – I’ve finally done some traveling. I’ve been to Montreal, Vancouver, New York, England, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan…
    – I’m generally healthy. In fact, some of the health problems I had when I was 28 have been resolved.

  7. In 10 years I will be 33. My goal by that time is to have $400,000 in the bank and be on my way to financial freedom. I guess it’s a pretty selfish goal.

  8. That I’ll have enough non-corporate income sources that I won’t have to worry about income or the long term survivability of any one source…

    That my wife and I did a really good job shepherding the kids from teenage to early adulthood…

    That I’ll spend a substantial amount of my time doing mission work…

    That I’ll continue to live without debt…

    That I’ll consistently display compassion toward the faults and troubles of others…

    That I’ll live by my passions and principals
    and not by the whims of the moment, or by the preferences of others…

    That’s enough for now.

  9. In 10 years (I’d be 44), I’d like to have a novel finished and a second started. I’ve recently kicked off a decade of dust and have begun writing (fiction and non-fiction) with my blog and released a 50+ page collection of my fiction short stories as a PDF eBook a week ago. The novel has about 300 words so far (basically, just one murder of the many that it will contain …) – 99,700 more words until it’s finished!

    I’d actually like to be there in 3 years, but kids have a way of absorbing available free time 🙂

  10. Fairy Dust says:

    that our genius son hit it big with his first (or maybe second) movie and we won’t have any more money worries ever 🙂

  11. Patrick says:

    At 41, I hope to: have $1 million in assets, have visited 5 of the 7 continents, have a 12 year old daughter who is healthy, well-adjusted and knows she’s loved, have a deeper marriage, receive a couple more promotions, spend more time doing volunteer work, have written a book (about what I don’t know), go to church more, win 1 5K in my age group, and learn sign language, to name a few things.

  12. Cat says:

    In 10 years (I’ll be 36, my son will be 11)… Financially I’d like my future self to tell me I’m debt free, on track with my assets and investments to fully fund my son’s college and retire at 60, and that I’m able to provide for both my son and my mother. Professionally, I’d like my future self to tell me I’ve got a very successful career in insurance operations with a bright future ahead. Personally, I’d like to have a second child and live in either North Carolina, Texas, Utah, or Washington. An amazing and loving partner would be great, but not a requirement. Also, I’d like future me to seem happy. And hell, while we’re wishing make her skinny.

  13. In 10 years I hope to be in a place that I no longer feel trapped by my very vocation due to our financial mistakes of the past. I’ll be paying myself first, giving like crazy and running my own business. This will be the result of extreme focus, diligence, faith and support of my family.

  14. Carla says:

    In ten years, I will be 40.

    I want to be financially independent so that I will not have to rely on a “9-5” or state disability (right now) to stay on my feet. This is especially important because though I like to stay positive, I don’t know where I will be health wise. Working until 65 may not be an option for me.

    I also want to be financially well-off financially help others in need.

    I would love to be able to give abundantly to charities such as the MS Foundation in hope that they are able to find a cure. (Selfish reason, I know)

  15. The Other Schmitty says:

    In ten years I’ll hopefully be able to say I:

    Earned my PhD in electrical engineering
    Didn’t saw off any fingers or thumbs
    Built my own house that I’ve completely paid for
    Involved myself heavily in my church’s activities
    Never passed a kidney stone
    Paid off all my student loans

    -(and in the somewhat less likely category)
    Created a personal finance blog and podcast that are slightly more popular than Bargaineering
    Set the record for most fart jokes in a PF blog
    Built my own electric supercar
    Sold at least 1000 prints of my photos
    Contributed significantly to the creation of the first commercial nuclear fusion power plant

  16. Tina Fortune says:

    In 10 years I would like to be giving away 120,000 per year from my non-profit for Single Parents, married again..and for the final time, kiddies in college, millionaire status, freedom from the mundane 9-5, visit outside of the US, meet my mother.

  17. eric says:

    “family, community, and career”

    That trio sounds good to me too. 🙂

  18. In 10 years I’ll be in my mid-seventies. Huh. Think of that.

    I’d like to still be solvent by then. It would be nice to have connected with some sort of altruistic enterprise (other than teaching, which I hope not to still have to be doing by then). I’d like to still be healthy and to have hung onto most of my marbles. I’d like to have more friends, and maybe even to have found a special friend who wants to do things and enjoy life with me.

    Not much to ask. But from this vantage point it sure seems like a lot!

  19. thomas says:

    Hopefully I will have won the lottery – then all my problems will be gone!

  20. lostAnnfound says:

    1. To finally be debt free.
    2. To get the kids through college & give them a little head start (to be able to give them a financial helping hand towards a car, house, own business, etc.)
    3. To sell the house & most of our worldly possessions.
    4. To hook up the RV & travel to different state/federal parks from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between while working as a “host family” in these parks, a different one every year for as long as we can (usually get a camp site & a small stipend, but since we will be debt free it will be just fine).

  21. It is very cool to see what people value most. When talking about 10 years from now, many of our goals are financially based, yet they are related to our values.
    In 10 years I want to have the cashflow and business acumen to live anywhere in the world and still run a successful business. This would allow my children to see the whole world.

  22. In ten years I hope to be financially independent. I’ve taken a few steps to create alternate income streams so that I’m not dependent on a job. I’d like to eventually be “location-independent”.

  23. CHICO says:

    I am currently in junior college working to earn an associate degree in ten years i want to have earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a law degree.I am 35 years old now.

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