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When Childhood Hobbies Meet Adult Allowances

As a kid, I never collected baseball cards, but I collected all sorts of other things. I collected comic books, I collected comic book cards, I collected Magic: The Gathering cards, and all of these things are sitting in my basement right now, slowly appreciating in value. 🙂

I saw The Baseball Card Movie at Kottke.org [3] and invested ten minutes watching the whole thing, it was great. Not only did the accent transport me back home (the Baseball Card Dugout is located in Brooklyn, NY) but it showed me what happens when a childhood hobby meets an adult allowance.

The Baseball Card Movie

Now before you say it’s absurd for someone to spend a hundred dollars, or four hundred dollars, on a pack of cards, think of the hobbies you have. Before you say it’s crazy for them to be so superstitious about opening packs, think of the superstitions you have. I’m certain everyone does this, just not everyone does this with baseball cards. You can replace baseball cards with any hobby you have… including raising kids. 🙂

(You can watch the video in HD [4] at Youtube.)

(Photo: themarkpike [5])