Where To Get Missing W-2 and 1099s Forms

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If you’re like me, you won’t start thinking about taxes until maybe around April 1st, which is about a month and a half away; if you’re not like me and are instead smarter, more responsible, and more organized, you’ve probably started thinking about doing your taxes already. Even if you’re like me and won’t want to do your taxes until April, it’s important for you to make sure that you have all the forms you’ll need for the big day. I don’t mean IRS tax forms like a 1040, those you can get easily from, the tax forms I’m referring to are all the 1099s and W-2s you should have already received from your employer, your banks, your brokerages, etc.

Where To Get Your W-2:

The deadline for your employer (or former employer) to mail out your W-2’s for 2006 was January 31st so if you haven’t received it yet then it was probably lost in the mail. If so, don’t panic, just request that your employer send you a new copy (you might have to pay a fee, depending on how cheap your employer is) but it will take some time so it’s important to make that request now rather than later. The W-2 form is really the only form you’ll need to include with your return.

Now, if you can’t get your employer to give you one (they’re just not very nice), you can call the IRS for help at (800) 829-1040. If that doesn’t yield any fruit (or you can’t get a copy before the due date), the last resort is to use Form 4852, which is a substitute, and you have to show that you made a good effort at getting your W-2.

Where To Get Your 1099s:

1099-INTs, MISCs, WHATEVERS, are all mailed out in the same time frame as the W-2s but there is one crucial difference between the W-2 and the 1099, you don’t include the 1099 forms with your return. That information, just like the W-2, has already been reported to the IRS and so it’s only for your use on your return (why this isn’t the case with W-2s, who knows).

The rule of thumb is that anyone who has paid you over $600 this year will issue you a 1099, so if you haven’t received it just call that person or company up and ask for a copy (if they want a fee, just have them tell you what they reported).

As for interest you’ve earned on deposits at banks, all banks will send you a 1099 if you earned more than $10 last year though they will report that amount regardless (Thanks Evan & Tom for the fix, you guys are right, my mind just skipped a beat on that one). Again, all you need to do is fill that information into the appropriate fields on your return, the form itself is unnecessary. If you haven’t received 1099 from all of your accounts, you can usually download them from the bank’s online website. Lately banks have been going the “all electronic” route so you’ll have to log into your account and print it out yourself. If that isn’t available, just stop on by a branch and ask for a printout.

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14 Responses to “Where To Get Missing W-2 and 1099s Forms”

  1. Evan says:

    I believe that banks and other institutions will only send you 1099s for accounts in which they paid out over $10 in interest. They don’t report anything less than that – in which case you won’t be getting a 1099-INT for that interest checking account that you earned $9.89 on last year!

  2. Tom says:

    Evan is correct. Both the bank I previously worked for and the bank I currently work for do not send them out for less than $10 earned. I think that Emigrant Direct does this as well since I had less than $10 from them and no 1099.

  3. Matt says:

    Some banks do send a 1099-INT to any customer who received interest payments in any amount. I know because every year I have to deal with one for an old account that doesn’t have much money in it…I think the interest on it this year came to $2.41. But I think the $10 cut-off may be the point where they’re legally required to send one.

  4. TE says:

    It’s worth mentioning, also, that those who don’t want to do taxes on their own no longer have to pay a CPA over a hundred dollars (or worse) and can do them online now. Sites like take a lot of the work and pain out of filing, and there’s customer support available if confuses ever arises. All for far less than you’d pay an accountant.

  5. Julie Lane says:

    I have tried everything to get hold of my past employeer, and I have not received a 2006 W-2 Form from them. They have gone out of business I heard. I have tried to get a current business phone number, and cannot seem to get it from information or from the phone book by the name under which I worked. What can I do to get my W-2. The name of the business was or may still be Namaste Creations. They were located in Oceanside CA. I don’t have the address or EIN#. Can you help with this, or at least tell me what the next step should be in order for me to file my taxes. I started work for them on March 21, 2006 and quit approximately June 30, 2006.

    Thank you,

    Julie A. Lane

  6. Trouble says:

    need to find old w-2 info please help

  7. buck l. christie says:

    the temp com. i was working for went out of can i get my w-2’s?

  8. carmen d manso says:

    I have been in the hospital for more than 50 day in what was to be a three day experience. I can’t find my W-2s and I am in the processs of filing for disability due to my condtion. I am not expected to be able to return to work for another 18-36 months. PLEASE HELP WHAT CAN I DO?????

  9. Louis Cedeno says:

    I jus t received a 1099-s form but did not have any earned income. The 1099-s form displayed 125,000 of tax exempt income because I was 1/2 owner of a house I sold. Do I qulify for the rebate check?

  10. kimberly mcroberts says:

    I am currently looking for wages info from an employer from 1992, I have called around and I still haven’t found the information I need for a new position. Can someone please help me, where can I go to obtain this information, as the company I am seeking employment has given me 3 days to find this information before they make their final ruling.

    • Danielle says:

      I am trying to file taxes for 2008. I don’t have copies of 1099’s from stocks I cashed in. Problem is, I don’t remember the company/stock name. How can I still get a 1099?

  11. Coreen JOS says:

    I need to get copies of my 1966 and 1967 W-2 or 1099 forms. I am currently working at a school and I would like to have these copies to add to my pension account. The school district I worked for merged with 8 other schools, then that school was flooded and all their records were distroyed. Where can I get these old forms?

  12. Dee says:

    So where do you get copies of W-2’s and/or 1099’s you never received and the business is out of business and you can’t find them? If they sent them to the IRS do they have a link that you can go to to find them?

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