Why Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Gift (Not!)

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Meg Marco of The Consumerist posted this hilarious clip from Current TV where Sarah Haskins makes mockery of jewelry, jewelry advertising, and the whole concept of shiny carbon and pretty rocks in a wrapped 3 minute, 31 second robin’s eggshell blue box. Just some background, the clip is part of a recurring feature called Target Women on a show called infoMania. Target Women makes fun of something that media or marketing targets towards women. All this is hosted on Current TV, which bills itself as “the world’s leading peer-to-peer news and information network” and it has a ton of great content on it (like great smart content, not just videos of monkeys smelling their fingers and falling off trees).

I need to find myself a woolly mammoth (and a HUGE red bow) because I’m tired of jewelry face. Haha, wonderful video. (This one about Lessons for 2008 is great too)

Want to get hooked on Current? This is what got me hooked. Check out this video where Kaj Larsen and Christof Putzel go to a gun market in Mogadishu, Somalia in search of AK-47s. Yes, you read that all correctly… a gun market… in Mogadishu (site of the Black Hawk Down incident)… to buy an AK-47. If all that wasn’t insane enough, they brought a video camera. Actually, that’s not a bad idea… I should buy an AK-47 for my wife for Christmas!

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12 Responses to “Why Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Gift (Not!)”

  1. Dave says:

    There are actually the equivalent of gun markets here in the US – you can buy AK-47s and other military weapons at gun shows. They are typically semi-auto, but if you have the licence, you can buy fully auto. I live in the communist state of New Jersey, so I can’t, but if you live in a gun friendly state (Texas, Arizona), you can get all sorts of crazy guns. Check out Youtube, there are all kinds of videos of people in the US blowing stuff up with automatic weapons and RPGs.

    • Ryan says:

      Dave Dave Dave, you are, at best, somewhat correct. Yes, depending on state law, a lawful citizen, after passing FBI fingerprint and extensive ATF government background checks can purchase a fully automatic weapon, short barreled rifle/shotgun, or silencer. This includes paying a $200 tax stamp each time you apply for the permit to own each item. You cannot buy a new fully automatic firearm unless you are a Licensed Class III firearms dealer, regular citizens have been banned from owning fully automatic firearms that were made after 1986. This has effectively dried up the supply, and I’m betting that you know what that means about the price. Yep, you guessed it, WAY EXPENSIVE. I’m talking $5000 to $20000 for that $150 AK you saw the skinny man trying to sell those idiots in the video. About the gun shows… You cannot walk up to any old dealer and buy an AK-47 without some type of proof of residency, and citizenship, and a newly NRA backed National Instant Background Check done by NICS FBI department. If your three documents (One government issued photo ID in the state you wish to purchase, another form of ID with matching address, and a special ID (only needed to buy an “assault weapon” in this case an AK) that proves you’re a US citizen (US Passport, Voter ID card…), then you can walk out the door with an AK. If at any point the information fails, or even if the guy behind the counter doesn’t like you, you don’t get the sale. And no, you or anyone else of the regular non-military world are allowed to buy/own/manufacture grenades, RPGs, or explosive devices. You can buy the launchers and smoke grenades, but that is all we trust one another with.

      • Ryan says:

        Jim, you should buy her an AK, do your research, and it will only increase in value. Today a good one is around 800 to 1000, 5 years ago they were 250 to 300.

  2. Eric N. says:

    I’m usually oblivious but I’m thinking you did some slight redesigning on your blog…but anyhow, funny stuff lol.

    • jim says:

      I upgraded WordPress to 2.7 last week but hadn’t made the changes to the theme to take advantage of some changes to how comments functioned. I couldn’t sleep this morning so I figured I’d integrate some of those changes. You can now directly reply to comments, with your response appearing below the original comment, and there’s comment threading, which paginates comments if there are more than 50. I had to change the look for the comments since the former side-by-side nature of the person’s name and their comment didn’t work well in replies.

      Sharp eye though, comments was the only thing I changed this morning!

  3. Rich says:

    That is one of the funniest things I have seen. I can’t stand jewelery commercials.
    My favorite: “Cars are super expensive. Buy jewelery instead!”

    • jim says:

      I love the sarcasm, some of her other videos are hilarious also, it’s something I think I might have to tune into each week for… my wife loved that one and the 2008 retrospective. She’s watching stuff on Current right now!

    • Re-listen, it’s even better. She says something along the lines of:

      “Cars are super expensive… But useful… Buy jewelry instead.”

      That comment on utility (and the implied lack of utility re: jewelry) is awesome.

      P.S. Mainly commenting here so I can try out the fancy-schmancy reply function.

  4. poor boomer says:

    Wait, what’s the carbon footprint of that shiny carbon?

    Surely it can’t be good.

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