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This is why you’re broke, luxury water edition

As part of our new #WhyImBroke [3] series, J. Money reminisces about one of the strangest, most face-palming money mistakes we’ve heard so far.

I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff in the past, but the one that always stands out (and for good measure), was the time I blew $40 on a shiny bottle of “luxury” water. Yes, water. As in, something you can literally get for free by turning on your faucet and then cupping your hands beneath to retrieve it.

Back in the day I didn’t care much for that though. I liked “cool” things, and this company I sent my forty hard-earned dollars to — BlingH20 — promised to send back one of the most awesome, blingy’ness (new word), bottles of water I had ever seen in my entire 25 years on Earth, complete with “Crystallized Swarovski elements” that were “exquisitely made” in “Limited Edition.” Music to my young, naive, ears.

I still have it to this day – check it out:

And before you ask, no, I have not drank it yet 🙂 In fact, I purposely keep it next to my desk at work as a constant reminder of what to never, ever, do again unless I win the lottery one day (yes, I also play the lottery like a dummy). It was a dumb move at the time, especially when we were about to sign our life away for a new home shortly later, but it’s one that shows we always have room to improve no matter how smooth we think we may be.

I have since been a lot better with my money and purchases, growing our net worth from around $50,000 to almost $450,000 [4]in these 5 years, but I never stop learning and always push forward. And I think that’s the biggest takeaway when it comes to life and our stupid moves: we brush our shoulders off, and then get right back out there and continue thirsting for more. No pun intended. (Okay, maybe pun intended ;)).

What’s a frivolous money mistake you’ve made that taught you a valuable lesson? Tell us in the comments!

J. Money

This is a guest contribution by J. Money, founder and face behind Budgets Are Sexy [5] and Rockstar Finance [6].