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Win A Copy of TaxCut Tax Prep Software

Last week, through the generosity of Home Depot, Crystal B. won herself a $100 Home Depot gift card. This week, we have H&R Block’s TaxCut [3] to thank as we start preparing for year end tax moves that can save us big bucks come April 15th. (Beyond this all I have are books, unless a company steps up for the holidays!)

The fine folks at TaxCut are giving away two copies of their software to BFP readers. Why are they doing this? Well in part because it’s near the end of the year so people have tax planning on the brain and because they’re not dummies, they see TurboTax [4] getting absolutely slammed on Amazon.com [5] for their pricing changes. Either way, you are the beneficiary because you have a chance to win one of two copies.

I’ve reviewed both products in the past and have used both products in the past, if you’re a huge TurboTax fan, TaxCut isn’t that different outside of some color changes. The bottom line is that both follow the tax code, both will find you deductions to save you money, and both will save you some gray hairs on your way to April 15th. The biggest advantage TaxCut has over TurboTax, from what I can see, is that you can prepare as many returns and print as many as you want with the software. E-filing, which is the best method out there if you want your tax rebate faster, costs ten bones a piece.

Now, before you enter, please check to see if you qualify for free tax preparation [6] because if you can get it for free, there’s no sense trying to win software where you have to pay $10 to e-file.

If you can’t get it for free, simply leave a comment below with a tax-related story and I’ll select a winner for the first copy. The story can be some tax mistake you made, a gripe you have with TaxCut or TurboTax, your best tax tip, or something else tax related (jokes are always popular!). You will also be competing against email subscribers, who are entered in all contests. If you subscribe via email [7], you’ll have the chance to get two entries into the contest.

For the second copy, you’ll have to join Twitter, follow me, and @bargainr me a tax related story (same types as above). Please be sure to include #BFPtaxcut in the message so I can find it easily on search. Of those tips, I’ll select a second winner.

Here’s an example message (is this a joke or a tip? you decide!):

@bargainr #BFPtaxcut Don’t earn money and you don’t pay any taxes!

This contest will be running through the weekend until next 5PM Monday, December 22nd, when I’ll select two winners. Void where prohibited. Good luck!

If you’re in the contest mood, ChristianPF is giving away a ton of stuff [8] including two iPods, two copies of TaxCut, spatulas, books… and a partridge in a pear tree.