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Win and Tell? And Why Do People Play The Lottery?

Earlier this week I asked you all whether you would tell anyone if you won a small sum in a lottery but I never gave you my own thoughts about it (not really anyway), so here we go… I wouldn’t tell anyone (besides maybe my parents, my sister, and my fiancée). Why?

I don’t think people care. I know I wouldn’t. Would you? Sure, I’d be happy for someone who won a small lottery but it honestly doesn’t do anything for me. Plus, the people who do care will probably be jealous, which probably is something most people don’t strive for (for other people to be jealous of them).

What’s funny about the question is that I don’t even play the lottery, I throw in a few dollars with a bunch of friends whenever the Powerball hits some astronomical number but that’s just for kicks. In fact, I don’t want to win the lottery because I’m pretty happy with my life the way it is now. I like going to work, I like hanging out with my friends, and I think that winning the lottery would just mess that all up.

Then again, a few hundred thousand bucks, not enough to mess with my life but certainly would smooth some things out; sure would be nice. 🙂

For those who play, why do you play the lottery?