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WIN: Car Fuel Efficiency Monitor Gauge Prices

This week’s Week in Numbers requires a bit of an introduction. One of my new favorite blogs is Ecomodder [3], a site all about modifying your car to make it more efficient and environmentally friendly. This week Ben wrote an article about gas mileage monitors that are, for the most part, easy to install.


The MPGUINO is an entirely DIY monitor that you’ll have to sodder and wire into your car, it’s what Ben uses and the only option for cars made before 1996 because the rest of the gauges rely on hooking into the ODB-II system [4] (On-Board Diagnostic System).

It’s also one of the cheapest at between $30-$40 plus the tools needed to install it.

ScanGuage 2

The ScanGauge II 3-in-1 Compact Multifunction Vehicle Computer [5] runs a little pricier at around $160 but is one of the most popular gauges and one of the easiest to install (hooks into the ODB-II port underneath the dash, which means you have to have a ODB-II car). In addition to offering up gauge-type information, it lets you check engine codes and helps with other diagnostic function.

PLX Kiwi

The PLX Kiwi [6], at a pricier three hundred bones that offers more than a gauge. It can monitor your driving behavior and “teach” you how to become a better driver through ratings and suggestions.


The MSD Ignition 13100 DashHawk Vehicle Information Display [7] is another unit that runs around three hundred bucks and looks crazy slick, though it’s not clear what you get (that you would need) over the ScanGauge II besides a more polished looking unit (and backlighting!).

4 Ways to Add a Gas Mileage Display to Any Car [8] [EcoModder Blog]