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WIN: Early Adopters Always Pay

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$1848 Total Minimum Cost of iPhone 3GThat’s the total minimum financial commitment to owning an iPhone 3G phone. Nearly two thousand dollars. Add a few more bells and whistles and you’re talking more. If you’re curious about the total cost of owning one elsewhere, CBC News has a cool interactive map you can use to navigate the world. (link courtesy of Loonies and Sense)

1,000,000 HD-DVD Players SoldI don’t know where the number stands now but the announced in January, before HD-DVD knew it lost the format wars to BluRay, that vendors had sold nearly a million HD-DVD players. Those million customers soon discovered they owned a dead format rebranded as “up-sampling DVD players.” Game over. Thanks for your money.

$1.06 Billion Writedown for Microsoft Xbox 360 Technical IssuesEarly adopters of the Microsoft XBox 360, myself included, discovered that the units were experiencing catastrophic technical problems. Later models solved some of the earlier problems and Microsoft increased their warranty to three years and had to take a $1.06 billion write-down in the second quarter of 2007.

$200 iPhone Price DropI couldn’t let Apple off the hook on this one… a scant 68 days after releasing the iPhone for the first time, Apple slashed prices by $200. The 8GB iPhone’s price dropped from $599 to $399. Those who bought within 14 days could get a refund of the difference but the rest had to be happy with a $100 credit at Apple stores. Steve Jobs is too hip and too rich to care about you, but keep on buying his products!

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5 Responses to “WIN: Early Adopters Always Pay”

  1. Miranda says:

    Great post! You’ve perfectly described why my husband and I are not early adopters. Example: PS3. My husband’s friend got a 20 gig PS3 fro $700 when it first came out. Our 80 gig PS3 is much better, and we paid $499 — and got a rebate of $50 (total outlay, $449).

    Plus, if you wait a little longer, you get later versions with fewer bugs.

  2. Lau says:

    Great sum up Jim.

    I walked through a mall the other morning on my way to work – it cuts my walk to the office. There were looooonnnnng lines in front of the Apple and AT&T stores. It hit me when I saw it: the iPhone 3G was coming out. After shaking my head and laughing inside, my only thought was: “Don’t you people ever learn????” I guess not!

  3. When it comes to technology, why be a consumer pioneer?

  4. Jadin says:

    The two most obvious reasons NOT to be an early adopter, as you clearly point out, are price and glitches. Thank goodness someone out there doesn’t mind the hassles and extra $! For the bragging rights, they get to be the guinea pigs 😉

  5. Cutting through the smoke and mirrors of wireless bills is a daunting task. I have a Motorola Q with Verizon Wireless which I got when it first came out because I was tired of the bad signal with Nextel/Sprint and spotty service for my Blackberry sych with my Outlook e-mail, etc. and I wanted NEW!

    So, I didn’t think much of the two-year contract since everybody wants to lock you in for two years (which is where the $1,848 comes from) but my plan for 700 anytime minutes and unlimited data (with my wife’s “emergency” usage plan at $9.95/month) comes to $129.00/month (give or take a couple of cents) or $3,096 for my Moto Q with Verizon.

    To put some icing on the cake, my original Moto Q died shortly before the warranty expired and they gave be a brand spanking refurbished phone which works like, er, not too good.

    Long story short, the iPhone looks like a bargain in comparison and if it’s faster and AT&T has decent signal coverage I’ll be at the iPhone store as soon as my Verizin Wireless contract runs out.

    I have a friend who was an early adopter of the iPhone and it looks way cool.

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