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WIN: Early Adopters Always Pay

That’s the total minimum financial commitment to owning an iPhone 3G phone. Nearly two thousand dollars. Add a few more bells and whistles and you’re talking more. If you’re curious about the total cost of owning one elsewhere, CBC News has a cool interactive map [3] you can use to navigate the world. (link courtesy of Loonies and Sense [4])

I don’t know where the number stands now but the bigscreen.com announced in January, before HD-DVD knew it lost the format wars to BluRay [5], that vendors had sold nearly a million HD-DVD players [6]. Those million customers soon discovered they owned a dead format rebranded as “up-sampling DVD players.” Game over. Thanks for your money.

Early adopters of the Microsoft XBox 360, myself included, discovered that the units were experiencing catastrophic technical problems [7]. Later models solved some of the earlier problems and Microsoft increased their warranty to three years and had to take a $1.06 billion write-down in the second quarter of 2007.

I couldn’t let Apple off the hook on this one… a scant 68 days after releasing the iPhone for the first time, Apple slashed prices by $200 [8]. The 8GB iPhone’s price dropped from $599 to $399. Those who bought within 14 days could get a refund of the difference but the rest had to be happy with a $100 credit at Apple stores. Steve Jobs is too hip and too rich to care about you, but keep on buying his products!